How to view Event Logs in Windows 10 in detail with Full Event Log View

How to view Event Logs in Windows 10 in detail with Full Event Log View

The failure Event Log Viewer Windows 10 is very effective, but does not do all that one needs of such a tool. And that's good because most people need the basics, but for us who need more, why not check Full Event Log View? What we like about the complete event log view is that it allows the user to see all the event information in Windows 10, and it appears in a more user-friendly setting. This is due to the fact that the user interface is easier to understand, more than what the default option brings to the table. The tool allows you to view events from your local computer, events from a remote computer on your network, and events stored in .evtx files.

People can use this program to easily access detailed information about events on local or remote machines. Even though the events are stored in .evtx files, this tool does the work independently, which is really great. We must now point out that it is a portable software, so it does not require additional DLLs to work. It also means no matter where you are and whichever Windows machine you are using, as long as the full event log display is nearby, it will work.

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Use the Full Event Log View to View Windows Event Logs

Using this complete tool Viewing the event log to view Windows logs is very easy, but if you're still incredulous, continue reading as it decomposes so that everyone understands:

  1. Open for the first time
  2. Save and copy selected items
  3. View
  4. The options

Let's talk about this in more detail.

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1) Open for the first time

Do not forget that after the first opening of the tool, loading many event logs already on your Windows 10 system may take a long time. We had more than 20,000 newspapers, which proves why we must always clean our system of unwanted files because they tend to slow down the computer.

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2) Save and copy selected items

A simple CTRL + A is enough to select all the elements, then CTRL + C to copy. To save, just click on CTRL + S, and that's it. Now, if you are a mouse, please click Edit, then choose the option, Select All and Copy Selected Items.

To save, select File from the top menu and choose Save selected items. In the same section, the user can choose the data source if he wishes. They can also press F7 via the keypad to access this section.

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3) View

The user can perform many operations from this section of the complete event log view. People can display a grid line, tooltips, and even auto-size columns. In addition, if you want to create an HTML report that contains all or some of the selected elements, this is also possible.

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4) options

In the options section, the user can do a lot of things here. People can change the time display, refresh automatically, select another font, and so on. You can also choose to launch the advanced options, which allow you to select the event levels.

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Overall, we appreciate what Full Event Log View has to offer, and so far, it's not bad. If you're the type to worry about viewing your event logs in a simple way, this is for you.

Download the full event log See directly from official site.

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