Instagram’s Threads Let’s You Enjoy Snapchat-Like Experience

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If we look at Facebook's shopping list, there are many apps he could be proud of, including Instagram and WhatsApp. But one thing that will haunt them forever is the failure of the offer to buy the popular snapshot app, Snapchat. Or so it seemed. Taking things in hand, it now seems that one of the subsets of Facebook, Instagram, has launched a direct attack on Snapchat with the launch of its Thread application. Download the Instagram APK discussions below.

The application allows you to have a constant and intimate sharing between your close friends. From sharing your current location to the battery life of your device, all of this could be shared in a more elegant and organized way. You can also add classic text, photo and video messages with the help of Instagram creation tools. All this could be sent in one click on your friend's profile picture, as if you were recording snapshots on Snapchat. Read below to learn more about this application. During this time, be sure to see how to add music to your Instagram stories regardless of your region.

Son of Instagram

Two years ago, Instagram tried to dethrone Snapchat via its Direct application. But the main problem was that it was an autonomous application that has never been successful. So, Instagram has decided to integrate in its application itself. This time, Instagram has decided to follow a similar path. The new "camera-first" messaging app lets you share snapshots, videos, messages, stories, and more. with your list of close friends Instagram, with one click. In addition, he has tons of Automatic status to choose as In motion, at the cinema, In nature, etc. More information about this later in this guide.

To avoid confusion, the Threads discussion section and the Direct section of the Instagram application are integrated. Thus, any message you receive on the first will be visible and can be answered by the last and vice versa. Similarly, it also allows you to send snapshots in three different modes: See once, replay and Keep the conversation. The third option will let the sent snap be present forever in the Live Message or Thread section. Whereas View Once and Replay will allow the recipient to see only once or twice the sent media, respectively.

Unknown, you can even upload Instagram photos and videos to Android devices.

How to use Instagram feeds

  1. First, go to the Google Play Store and download the The sons app | Instagram Discussions-
  2. At the bottom you can see your main account. If you want to continue using the same thing, simply press Continue as . However, if you want to use another account, tap Change account. Then log in to your favorite account.
  3. In the next section, you will have to choose your close friends. This section is organized using List of close friends of Instagram. If you have not added anyone yet, it will show you the accounts you are talking to most often.Set up discussions
  4. You can now customize your camera if you prefer, or tap on Jump leave it like that. the Customize the camera This feature allows you to set the default camera position and profile pictures of your close friends (which you can tap directly to send snapshots).
  5. Then you will have to choose your status using Threads automatic state. Just select the desired status and tap D & #39; agreement in the confirmation dialog. That's why you're ready to use Instagram's new Threads app.

Impressed by the Instagram Threads app? Then you will definitely love these 5 Instagram tips and tricks.

The Auto-Status feature

automatic status in instagram threads

Among the various cool features offered by the Instagram feed app, one is the Auto Status feature. This feature will automatically be able to decide what you are doing right now and set the status accordingly. For example, if you stay in the same place every night for a few nights, the place will be recognized as your home. Therefore, the status will be At home. Or if you are approaching a restaurant, your status will change to Out to eat. Obviously, for this to work, you will have to grant permissions to the location of the application. Another interesting point to discuss is that any status that you (or Instagram) place will only be visible to your closed friends.

Customize threads

Application settings

Instagram seems to have done a decent job with regard to the UI application of the Threads. He also added various customization options. Simply open the Instagram Thread app and tap three horizontal lines found at the top left. There you will have various options to customize the application according to your preferences. From changing the list of your close friends to changing your status, to personalizing the camera, all this can be done from this very menu. The Themes section is one of the features that everyone would like. This section contains tons of new themes, including the preferences of all Instagram users. Dark mode (called Twilight).

One thing that could work against Instagram is the fact that most of these features are already present in the Instagram application itself. Will the user then consider downloading an additional application, just to record a few extra clicks? Well, only time will tell. In the meantime, let us know what you think about the new Threads app launched on Instagram and is it worth it?

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