Chocolatey is a free Package Manager for Windows

Chocolatey Package Manager for Windows

Unlike Windows, Linux has always benefited from many package managers. A Director in charge of packing is a software that allows you to install other software on your operating system from the command line or a graphical interface. If you were using Linux and have recently migrated to Windows, then you must feel the need for a good package manager for Windows. chocolatey is one of the best package managers available for Windows that eliminates the need to download, install and install software on a Windows machine. Chocolatey is preferred by many Linux developers and users because it greatly simplifies the installation of the software.

Chocolatey Package Manager for Windows

A good package manager is always supported by a good package repository, and that's the same for Chocolatey. A large number of packages are available in a community-managed package repository. You can find common software such as Chrome, VLC, Adobe Acrobat Reader, 7-Zip and some tools frequently used by developers such as Git, Notepad ++, Putty, NodeJS, JDK, etc.

There are about 7K packages maintained by the community that can be installed directly on your computer without having to download the installer and then install it.

Another major feature of a good package manager is its ability to manage installed packages. And Chocolatey ticks all the boxes in this scenario. In addition to the installation, you can configure, update and even uninstall the Chocolatey packages from your computer. This makes it easy to upgrade the software from time to time.

The tool does not come with any graphical interface as such, but is very easy to use with simple command-line operations. There is a Chocolatey GUI also available, but must be installed separately using Chocolatey.

Installing Chocolatey is a slightly different process than your conventional software, and we'll talk about it later. If you are a company concerned about the reliability and security of software used by its employees, Chocolatey can help you. You can manage and internalize / reference offline packages so you can fully trust and control the process of acquiring and installing software on your company's computers.

Installation of Chocolatey

As mentioned, the installation of Chocolatey is a slightly different process. You do not need to download an exe file or install. everything can be done from a CMD window or PowerShell.

To install the program, open a new PowerShell window as the administrator and run the following command:

Set-ExecutionPolicy Bypass -Scope Process -Force; iex ((New-Object System.Net.WebClient).DownloadString('')) 

Once installed, you can start running the Chocolatey commands directly from your device window. For example, you can run Choco order to see the installed version of Chocolatey. Or to install a package that you can run choco install . For example, VLC can be installed by running choco install vlc. Likewise, Google Chrome can be installed on your computer with the help of choco installs googlechrome.

Choco controls are very easy and useful throughout. You can run Choco -? to display a list of possible commands and their use.

Overall, Chocolatey is an excellent package manager for Windows, easy to use and easy to manage software on your computer. Learn more about Chocolatey at home page.

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