Top 12 Microsoft Paint 3D Keyboard Shortcuts That You Should Use

Keyboard shortcuts work in all Microsoft applications, including MS Paint. Why should the improved version of Paint, ie Paint 3D, be left behind? Paint 3D is loaded with a bunch of cool features like 3D objects, custom sticker creation, magic selection tool, and more. To use these functions quickly, one can take the help of […]

15 Best YouTube Keyboard Shortcuts for Windows and Mac

YouTube, Google’s streaming service, is reaching new heights of popularity every day. The service is available everywhere, including phone, laptop, smart TV, and the web. While YouTube’s fame is mainly due to mobile apps, the service is better appreciated on the web. You can love the big screen and also take advantage of keyboard shortcuts […]

How to Create Custom Keyboard Shortcuts on Mac

macOS is a wonderful operating system. Unlike iOS, Apple allows all customization options on macOS. You can change the default browser and Mail app and make other changes to suit your preferences. Among them, the ability to create custom keyboard shortcuts for the most used macOS actions is my favorite addition. By default, macOS comes […]

How to Disable On-Screen Keyboard on Windows 10

Are you greeted with an onscreen keyboard when using a Windows 10 PC? Does it appear randomly or when you are using a specific app? These questions will determine the solutions that will help you to get rid of that virtual or onscreen keyboard for good. It is not only touch screen laptop users who […]

A Complete Guide to Making an Emoji of Yourself on Android

Android and iOS have a similar collection of general emojis. But iOS has the upper hand when it comes to custom emojis or stickers thanks to Memojis. Android users don’t need to be disappointed because they can also Memoji like stickers on Android. Curious to know how? Read the article on know how to make […]

6 Best Fixes for Windows 10 On-Screen Keyboard Not Working

The Windows operating system offers users the option of a secondary keyboard that can be used on the PC screen. Dubbed the onscreen keyboard, you will find this very handy if you are using a PC / laptop with a touchscreen or if your PC’s physical keyboard is faulty. But then, what happens when the […]

Fix Keyboard problems using Keyboard Troubleshooter in Windows 10

If your Windows desktop or laptop keyboard is not working properly and you may be typing the wrong characters, run the Keyboard troubleshooting in Windows 10 to fix problems automatically. Keyboard troubleshooting in Windows 10 You can easily fix keyboard issues. To run keyboard troubleshooting in Windows 10: Press Win + I to open the […]

How to clean your keyboard and keep it free from bacteria and viruses

Cleaning the keyboard is extremely important, and unfortunately many of us don’t do it regularly, if at all. Because our hands come into contact with many things, it is safe to say that we transfer bacteria and viruses to our keyboard when they are used. How to keep your keyboard clean In other cases, we […]

How to perform CTRL+ALT+DEL on a Remote computer using Remote Desktop

Today we’re going to discuss our most used and useful key combination, namely: CTRL + ALT + DELETE. We will discuss these key combinations when using Microsoft Remote Desktop. Have you ever wondered why the most used key combination in the Windows environment does not work during a remote connection? Many users complain or raise […]

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