McAfee Mobile Security for Android

McAfee Mobile Security for Android

This article will walk you through McAfee mobile security for mobile security and Android security. McAfee understands the importance of mobile security for your Android phone or other Android devices.

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McAfee Mobile Security offers Associate in Nursing a plethora of free options and a paid tier that removes ads from the app. Unfortunately, unlike similar Avast Mobile Security, the paid tier is quite expensive compared to other best Android antivirus apps.

Although McAfee has achieved tight malware protection scores in research lab tests over the past few years, it has not lived up to the consistency of Bitdefender Mobile Security or Norton Mobile Security. . These costs, respectively, 0.5 the maximum amount and also the same value as the Premium level of McAfee.

Unless you are specifically influenced by the extras found in McAfee or want to place the ads and come with the free version of the app, this app will be a tough sell for many people.

McAfee Mobile Security pricing and coverage

As with most antivirus products I’ve tested, McAfee Mobile Security depends on a freemium sales model. McAfee offers a remarkably robust free tier {which includes | who has | these options} features such as anti-theft and Wi-Fi security which are generally limited to paid tiers.

The next intensify brings unlimited intrinsic VPN service, however, the value skips all that thanks to $ 79.99 per year or $ 9.99 per month. you need to fully consider standalone VPN options before following this McAfee giveaway.

As with most of the opposing apps I’ve tested, there are corresponding desktop antivirus products from the same brand, and the value of multiple devices is also very much in line with the rest of the market.

McAfee AntiVirus Plus covers Windows, macOS, iOS, and Humanoid devices for $ 59.99 each year for ten devices (in practice, unlimited), and new subscribers could get this package for as low as $ 24.99 once i wrote this review. The more expensive McAfee packages give you more bells and whistles, but with one of them you’ll have access to a number of the best antivirus software for Mac and the best antivirus software in general.

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McAfee Mobile Security: the best Android antivirus in 2022?

Protection against malware

A deep scan of my constituent 3 Google phones with McAfee took about three seconds. on the other side being awesome it surprised me if something really happened. however, as you will see, the application will have an honest malware detection rate.

McAfee Internet Shield is on the market only for Premium subscribers and supports one or two widely used browsers, as well as Chrome, Samsung Internet, Opera Mini, and Firefox. trying to access a malicious website created a warning for all supported browsers, with the choice between Keep ME Safe when browsing away from positioning or Open Anyway.

Download McAfee Mobile Security v5.12.0.131 forever

Malware detection

In third-party research lab tests for malware detection rates, McAfee sometimes does very well, but sometimes its results are inconsistent and usually fall just a little below the best.

In the most recent evaluations carried out by a German laboratory AV-TEST, in July 2019, McAfee detected 99.9% of the 3,347 “real-time” threats encountered online and 100% of the 3,433 “prevalent” Android malware samples collected in the previous four weeks.

These correspond to the scores of Kaspersky Mobile Antivirus. Two other products, Avast Mobile Security and Bitdefender Mobile Security, achieved perfect 100% section rates against both types of malware.

Google Play Protect was far behind, with terrible detection rates of 44.1% of real-time malware and 54.7% of widespread malware, the lowest scores in July.

Most apps have fairly consistent scores across spherical tests, however, McAfee is an exception. It scored 100/100 in May 2019 which is great, but in March 2019 it only detected 99.5% malware over a period of time and 99.1% prevalent malware. .

That was still a touch ahead of the business average for the nineteen apps tested in March: 97.8% for real-time and 98.2% for widespread malware. However, if you take out some appalling results from Google Play Protects, the March averages stand at 99.7% / 99.9%, Associate in Nursingd McAfee fell a bit below those numbers.

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In-depth evaluations carried out by an Austrian laboratory AV Comparisons In the Gregorian calendar month 2019, McAfee Mobile Security detected 99.9% of the malware time span, which matches the detection rates of Avast, Bitdefender, and Kaspersky. The Google Play shield got 83.2%; Lookout, Norton, and Qihoo 360 Security have not been tested.

McAfee Mobile Security Premium for Android (1 year / 1 device) |  G2PLAY.NET

Free security features and tools

Anti-TheftMcAfee Mobile Security incorporates a solid assortment of anti-theft features, even for users of the free version, with support for remotely triggering an alarm, locking your device, locating the device, taking an image with the Thief Cam, wipe your knowledge, and play with a full factory reset.

I tested all options, excluding wiping and factory resetting my device, and they worked within 3-5 seconds of providing the order through the web portal to mcafeemobilesecurity. com.

The portal is simple but well done, with an entire map and tiny low overlays bearing icons for the varied choices available in the market. McAfee incorporates a distinctive resistance to the rogue camera: instead of attempting to capture a photo without the unauthorized user noticing, it creates a fake alert on the device and takes a photo once the person taps for it. to reject.

Unfortunately, many previous and useful options have fallen victim to the recent changes to Google Play Store policies. At the time of this exam, the skills to create a personalized lockout message; Track your SIM card removal and backing up, erasing or restoring decision logs and text messages are not available. McAfee is working with Google to undertake to bring them back, however, there is no timeline for its return.

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Memory Booster I’m never oversubscribed on these supposed performance enhancers. operational systems do a pretty sane job of handling this stuff on their own. at least in my experience, McAfee’s memory booster erased a negligible amount of memory, which could usually complete once more in a short order.

My Watch Like the Bitdefender and Kaspersky antivirus apps, McAfees will evolve with a Wear OS smartwatch. The McAfee app can let you apprehend after the watch is taken out of Bluetooth to dim the phone, and additionally notify you of an unsecured Wi-Fi network or when the phone’s battery is low.

Privacy check This feature is somewhat of a less well implemented version of the privacy report on Norton Mobile Security. It feeds you data regarding any app that you might just notice in your device’s app settings menu. McAfee will categorize your apps based on the extent of the privacy issue and, at a specific threshold, place them in a separate tab called Privacy Alerts.

Secure Wi-Fi This feature scans the Wi-Fi network you are connected to to see if a password or encryption is missing. Secure Wi-Fi can also report if your Wi-Fi association has been hacked, however, I couldn’t verify this feature.

Storage Cleaner Unlike Memory Boost, I think a storage cleaner is good because I often forget a movie, show, or podcast that I downloaded that could just be deleted from my device. Obviously, you can do this yourself, however, it’s handy to view all the potential trash cans in one place and empty it all with a few clicks.

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