Microsoft Mixer is a great alternative to Twitch for streaming

Microsoft Mixer is a great alternative to Twitch for streaming

There was a time when Microsoft wanted to buy Ticand we could see why the company had this intention. However, things did not go as planned, because Amazon has arrived to engulf the popular streaming platform for a nice penny. To overcome the loss, Microsoft has chosen to acquire Beam, a small streaming platform whose only goal is to overtake Twitch in the future. At a later date, the software giant decided to change the name to Mixerand since then he has collected millions of new streamers.

Mix against Twitch for streaming

Mixer is still lagging behind Twitch and even YouTube in live streaming, but it continues to grow, which is great for Microsoft and the streaming market in general. Now, for those who have not yet given Mixer their chance, we will discuss it today in detail, and from there you can decide if it's worth it. Be aware that the number of viewers is not at the same level as Twitch and YouTube, but it's not bad either.

1) design

When it comes to the design and user interface of Mixer, it is clear that it is superb. The feeds shown are displayed at the top, while the best games played on the platform are displayed below. This section also shows the channels you follow, the main feeds, among others.

We like the fact that most important things are displayed on the main screen; therefore, the need to distance oneself is not necessary.

2) account

The next thing you want to do is create an account or simply sign in with your Microsoft account. Of course, this gives you a lot of benefits, and that's why we recommend you follow this path, especially for those who are considering becoming viewers or streamers.

3) advantages

Yes, let's talk about benefits because they are important to account holders. You see, every time people watch videos, they regularly receive Sparks and XP. XP is used for the upgrade, while Sparks is used for some aspects of interaction with a streamer.

Apart from what we just mentioned, there is something called Embers, but users do not have to do it. Embers is about using premium skills to help Mixer partners. People have to spend real money to earn these chips, and sadly sad.

But if you are willing to pay, keep going, because in many cases it helps your favorite broadcasters, which means more content.

4) Ready to broadcast?

Broadcasting is easy once all the right tools are in place. After gathering everything, it's time to start your first broadcast. To do this, click on your profile picture and select Dashboard. It should open immediately in a new window.

Find the button that says Feed Configuration, and then click it. After that, please choose from the list your favorite streaming software. Be sure to copy the flow key, as it is always required during setup.

All in all, we like Mixer because it is nice for the eyes and leaves plenty of room for growth for new streamers. Other platforms such as Twitch have a huge audience, for sure, but it also means that the competition is extremely tough.

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