Windows Sandbox failed to start, Error 0x80070015, The device is not ready

Windows Sandbox failed to start. Error 0x80070015, The device is not ready

Some users reported having encountered the error code 0x80070015 when starting Windows Sandbox. According to the error code, it appears that the support services for Windows Sandbox are misconfigured. The error message indicates:

Windows Sandbox could not start. Error 0x80070015. The device is not ready. Would you like to comment on this problem?

The Windows sandbox could not start, error 0x80070015, the device is not ready

If you receive error code 0x80070015 for the Windows Sandbox, these suggestions may help you to troubleshoot the problem:

  1. Enable all services required by Sandbox.

1) Enable all services required by Sandbox

Open the Windows Service Manager and make sure that all the services mentioned are running and that the Startup type as shown below. You can restart these services in the given order:

  1. Network Virtualization Service. (Start type: Manual).
  2. Virtual disk (Start type: Manual).
  3. Hyper-V virtual machine (Start type: Manual).
  4. Hyper-V Host Calculation Service (Start type: Manual).
  5. Container Manager Services. (Start type: Automatic).

Once done, try running Windows Sandbox again and see.

2) Run Windows Update

You can Check for updates. You must obtain all published Microsoft patches. During this procedure, if any of the associated drivers is not up to date, the updates will also be downloaded and installed on your computer.

I hope you can now use Windows Sandbox without errors.

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