What is REMPL folder in Windows 10? Should you delete it?

Remove REMPL folder

In this article, we will explain what is the folder that you see in your Programs folder, what it contains, how it was created, and if you can safely delete it. In a row, the REPLACE folder contains Windows Update-related components that are scheduled for your Windows Update to continue to function correctly.

Folder REPL under Windows 10

In this article, we will attempt to answer the following questions:

  1. What is the REPL file?
  2. How to delete the RMPL folder

1) What is the REPL file?

If you do not know, some files and folders are used by Windows 10 updates to ensure that updates released by Microsoft as future updates or features are installed on your PCs without any problem. The REPLY folder happens to be one of those folders.

The folder can be seen under C: Program Files repl and contains files like – remsh.exe, Sedlauncher.exe, Sedsvc.exe, disktoast.exe, and other. The Remsh.exe executable is typically a special Windows update that includes improvements to the reliability of the Windows Update Service components in earlier versions of Windows 10.

It only exists on a few Windows 10 systems. The folder includes an automated troubleshooting tool deployed only on computers reporting problems updating to the latest version of Windows 10. When this happens, this special package is automatically downloaded by Windows 10, and he tries to determine the reasons for the failure, then tries to fix them.

It is not a malicious software or a virus, but part of a reliability update released by Microsoft. In addition, it can be considered an automated troubleshooting tool, deployed to determine and report the reasons for failure (download updates), and then attempt to fix them.

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2) How to delete the folder REPL

You will need to disable this task from the Task Scheduler and also delete or rename the folder.

Start the 'Task Scheduler'. Then click on 'Task Scheduler Library"In the left sidebar and go to"Microsoft"

Under "Microsoft", expand the "the Windows'Folder to locate the' REPL 'folder. Once there, search for "shell"Task in the right pane.

Select it and press'Wipe off'Remove it from the list. When prompted, click on 'Yes'Button to confirm the action.

You can also delete or rename the 'REPL' folder under 'C: Program Files ' so that Windows can not locate or launch the executable files. However, you may need to take ownership of the REMPL file and have full control.

I hope this clarifies the subject.

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