Mobile Hotspot not showing up or detected on laptop

Mobile Hotspot not showing up or detected on laptop

The Mobile Point of Access feature is used to share the Internet connection via WiFi signals. These signals are then captured by other devices using WiFi and the Internet connection is shared. But some users have reported that the WiFi network is not visible on other devices. This could be due to various factors, but the main one here is the frequency with which the WiFi network is broadcast.

Mobile Hotspot not appearing on other devices

Usually, there are only two frequencies to which a WiFi network is broadcast. They are either broadcast at 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz. Those with 5 GHz need specific hardware because it is a newer technology. There are various other equipment and appliances operating at 2.4 GHz, including microwaves. As a result, it disrupts signal strength.

Therefore, you can try to switch the Network band or the frequency the network is broadcast to solve this problem.

Open the Windows 10 Settings application.

Navigate to the following path: Network and Internet> Mobile Point of Access.

Click on the button that says Edit.

It will be under Network name, network password and network band.

Select the network band to be 2.4 GHz.

Click on Save.

Restart the mobile hotspot on your Windows 10 device and Wi-Fi on the receiving device.

You will now be able to find the network and use it.

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