MSI Downloader lets you download the latest MSI installers for various software

MSI Downloader lets you download the latest MSI installers for various software

When is the time to download the best MSI installers For various software, there are not many tools designed for such a task. We have searched high and low on the web to find something, and recently we have done it, thankfully for us and you. So, the tool in question is calling MSI downloaderIt was designed for the sole purpose of helping Windows IT administrators locate and download MSI installers, for deployment using systems such as Group Policy, Microsoft Deployment Toolkit (MDT) and Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager (SCCM).

You see, .msi is mainly used by IT professionals; therefore, users such as you and your mother are not particularly on the list. However, for those of us who are computer professionals, well, this tool should do the trick because it hosts a ton of programs based on the setup program MSI. Once the tool is installed and launched, the user must find an attractive user interface. Most of it should be easy for all users to understand. So do not expect a steep learning curve.

MSI Downloader for Windows systems

Find programs to download

To be honest, it is very easy to locate the tools you want to install on your Windows 10 computer. You see, in the left pane, the user should see a list of categories, where are kept all necessary software .

For example, click Browsers. A list of Web browsers with MSI installers appears. Now, if you click on the tool of your choice, the download will start immediately and there is no way to stop it from MSI Downloader.

In a case like this, we suggest you close the program immediately to stop the download. Otherwise, it will be finished and you will have to try to delete it from the hard drive.

So where are the files going after the download?

Right on the desk, what is it? The developer must believe that many Windows 10 users like to fill their desk with installation files. We expected the tool to give us the opportunity to save the downloaded software, but this was not the case.

In fact, there is no way to change the default option, so you do not have to download files to the desktop.

Nothing else?

Well, there is not a lot of MSI installation software available for download, so it is likely that you will not find it super usable for your particular needs. But we think that over time, the developer will not fail to add new items to the list. Download MSI Downloader from

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