You’re syncing a different account error in OneDrive for Mac

If you try to download or sync files to your Mac computer via OneDrive cloud storage and you receive You synchronize another account error, here is the fix you should follow. It is quite easy to get rid of this problem, since you need to delete the saved password from the old keychain access account. […]

How to add Video and Audio files to Microsoft Sway

It does not seem possible to automatically play music in the background when viewing the entire Sway. However, the Microsoft service allows you to add audio cards containing specific audio files. In today’s article, we will introduce you to the method for add media files in Microsoft Sway. Add video and audio files to Microsoft […]

Microsoft Lists: Everything we know till now

Microsoft built a new Applying lists, but this time it’s aimed at business users and will be available as part of Microsoft 365 services. Microsoft is planning to help pro-consumers track issues, manage inventory, build event calendars, report status, manage FAQs, etc. Note that it is different from the Microsoft ToDo application, accessible to everyone. […]

How to open multiple instances of Microsoft Teams in Windows 10

To open Microsoft teams in multiple windows or instances of the application is not possible. However, Teams is also accessible from the Teams web portal using any web browser. In this article, we will describe the steps to follow to open multiple instances of Microsoft Teams on your Windows 10 PC. It goes without saying […]

List of Microsoft Teams keyboard shortcuts to help you work efficiently

Microsoft Teams has become the ultimate choice for managing work and operating remotely. Besides the rich features, it also has useful keyboard shortcuts that help users navigate the Teams features. In this post, we will see some Microsoft Teams keyboard shortcuts to help you work more efficiently. Microsoft Team keyboard shortcuts Today, there is a […]

Something went wrong, Error code 102 in OneDrive

If you receive Something went wrong message with an error code of 102 While trying to access OneDrive in the browser, this message may help you resolve the problem. There is a simple solution, and anyone can solve it as long as they know the root cause of this problem. However, you must first confirm […]

How to switch between Touch and Mouse modes in Outlook

If you’re using the Outlook app on a touchscreen device running Windows 10, this message will help. We will show you how to switch between Touch and mouse modes in the Outlook application under Windows 10. For this, you do not need to install an add-in in Outlook. Difference between touch and mouse modes Although […]

How to embed content in Microsoft Sway

Microsoft Sway allows users to integrate web content and documents via an integration card there. With this feature, you can create interactive presentations, reports, stories, etc. in the content presentation application. We’ve already seen how to find and add content to Microsoft Sway. Now embed content in Microsoft Sway, follow the instructions described in the […]

How to Search and add Content to Microsoft Sway

Microsoft Sway is similar to PowerPoint which creates visually striking newsletters, presentations and documentation in minutes. What sets it apart from Office presentation software is its integration with your device, social media and the web. Here’s how to get started with Microsoft Sway. Find and add content to Microsoft Sway This article gives you a […]

How to fetch real-time Stock Prices in Excel using Stock Quote

Microsoft Excel facilitates the recovery of stock prices. Its Stock data type is connected to an online data source that allows you to access rich and interesting information that you can use and update. Let’s see how to get Stock quote in Excel. Get real-time stock prices in Excel You can retrieve stock quotes in […]

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