OnePlus 7 Pro Tips: Top 5 Things To Do With Your New Device

OnePlus 7 Pro Tips and Tricks

The OnePlus 7 Pro has been considered by many to be the fastest Android phone on the market. From the contextual camera and the integrated fingerprint sensor to the 90Hz full-screen display without snapping, the OnePlus 7 Pro has a lot to offer. With some thoughtful software choices, OnePlus allows users to further optimize their OnePlus device experience. Here are some tips and tricks OnePlus 7 Pro that you should try immediately after setting up your new device.

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OnePlus 7 Pro Tips and Tricks

Get rid of the navigation bar

Just when Apple removed the iPhone home button and added navigation gestures to iOS, all major OEMs in the Android world also began adding their own implementations. OnePlus was also one of those builders. But since Android Pie has natively added navigation gestures, OnePlus may be the only OEM to give users the choice between their browsing gestures and navigating Google's pills.

By default, Oxygen OS has a traditional three-button navigation bar. You can switch to the native two-button navigation bar of Android Pie in settings > Buttons and gestures > Navigation bar and gestures. This is where you will also find the option to completely remove the navigation bar. You can do this by activating the Navigation gestures option. This hides the navigation bar and allows you to use OnePlus full-screen navigation gestures. You can slide your finger up and down to go home, press and hold to view the recent events menu or up to go from top to bottom.

You can enjoy more navigation features by using a custom ROM on your OnePlus 7 Pro.

Edit or disable fingerprint animation

Change the animation of the fingerprint reader

The integrated fingerprint sensor on the OnePlus 7 Pro may not be as powerful as a traditional fingerprint sensor, but it opens up some possibilities. For example, there is room for a quick and enjoyable animation when you tap on it. OnePlus even lets you change this animation. By default, there are three built-in animations and the option to disable it completely. The "speed" you feel about OnePlus 7 Pro is actually a perception. This is not the fastest phone on the market, it's the iPhone with its chip made by Apple.

However, OnePlus creates this impression of being faster thanks to faster animations and a 90Hz display. However, something faster than fast animations is not an animation. Obviously, you do not want your Android experience to be totally devoid of animations. However, removing fingerprint animation has only a small effect on your experience. This gives the impression that the fingerprint reader is faster, almost as fast as a traditional fingerprint reader.

You can change or disable the animation in settings > Security and lock screen > Digital print > Animation effect of fingerprint.

Quick launch configuration on OnePlus 7 Pro

Setting up the fast oneplus 7 pro launch

The OnePlus Oxygen operating system allows you to long press on the fingerprint reader to activate the quick launch. You can add up to six apps or shortcuts for a quick launch. If you are constantly in a situation where you need to make a quick payment, take notes, etc., you will really appreciate this feature. To set up your favorite apps or shortcuts, go to settings > Utilities > Quick Start > Shortcut settings. Here you can delete and organize shortcuts. To add a shortcut, press Add shortcuts and you can choose from a list of shortcuts for applications or applications.

Tips for changing the ambience display

OnePlus 7 Pro Ambient Display

OnePlus users require an Always-on screen since it was created by Samsung. However, OnePlus has always been afraid of losing battery. The OnePlus 7 Pro, like other OnePlus devices, comes with an Ambient display. It can turn on when you receive notifications or when you pick up your phone. If you do not like its appearance, OnePlus allows users to adjust appearances. Like fingerprint animations, there are some basic appearance options built-in.

You can find them in settings > Display > Ambient display > Clock style.

Discover Zen

Zen OP7 Mode

It can be hard to keep your hands on this amazing 90Hz screen you just paid. It may be for this reason that the OnePlus 7 Pro was the first phone in the OnePlus range to switch to Zen mode. It's a feature that virtually locks you out of your phone for 20 minutes. With the exception of emergency calls or camera, you can not access anything on your phone. It just becomes an expensive glass brick with a timer. Although it may sound ridiculous to activate it, Zen mode has real benefits.

Unlike other digital wellness tools, it does not give you the ability to bypass it and use your phone a bit more. You are locked out and have no choice but to not use your phone. This could help you focus on things that really matter in life. And since all notifications are disabled, you will not be bothered either. To learn more and know how to activate and use Zen mode on OnePlus devices, you can read our detailed article.

In the hope that the aforementioned tips and tricks of OnePlus 7 Pro would help you use your smartphone more effectively, I summarize this article here. I will be sharing more tips in the coming weeks.

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