QuickEncrypt lets you encrypt & decrypt files & folders in Windows 10

QuickEncrypt lets you encrypt & decrypt files & folders in Windows 10

Securing a file on a Windows 10 computer involves encrypting an entire partition using BitLocker or using various types of archives. The use of archives usually involves a third-party archiver such as 7-Zip. However, some third-party software uses various methods to lock files and folders on a computer. LeoMoon QuickCrypt is one of these software. It uses industry standard AES 256-CBC (Advanced Encryption Standard) to encrypt files and folders.

Encrypt and decrypt files and folders with QuickEncrypt

The QuickCrypt software has the following main features:

  • Small size.
  • Uses a strong encryption algorithm AES256-CBC.
  • Encrypted files are compatible with Windows, Linux and macOS
  • Includes a password generator.

To make the best use of this software, you must first download the installation program and run it.

It just weighs 18.4 megabytes and is very easy to install. You must extract the configuration from the archive and run it as any other configuration.

Once installed, open it.

How to encrypt a file

Under the encrypt tab, you can hit that button to select a file to encrypt from the file selector.

You must now set a password and then confirm the password combinations to match them.

You can check the Delete source possibility to delete the original file during encryption. Do not worry, once the encryption is done, the notification depends on the source file.

Finally, select encrypt and he's going to create a new file in the same place as the .aes extension, which must be executed to open the file.

This will open the QuickEncrypt window. You can now enter the password you have previously defined and select Decrypt. This will open the file normally now.

How to decrypt a file

To decrypt the file, open QuickEncrypt and navigate to the directory Decipher tongue.

Similarly, select the .aes file to decrypt, enter the password you previously defined and select Decrypt. It will decrypt the file in the same place.

You can open the Gen Pass tab to generate a complex password based on various parameters given for your use.

It should be noted that you must install this software in order to use the functionalities indicated above. You can download the configuration from his home page.

If you are looking for options, here they are:

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