Oppo Find X4 Pro

Oppo Find X4 Pro

It seems a safe bet that the Oppo Find X4 Pro is on the way, and here are some things we want to see from the 2022 flagship.

Oppo Find X4 Pro: 5 things we want to see from the 2022 flagship

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Oppo’s Find X series has established itself as one of the best high-end flagship models in the world, joining Apple’s iPhone lineup and Samsung Galaxy flagships. The 2021 Find X3 Pro has certainly continued in the same direction and delivers a premium experience.

It wasn’t perfect, however, as we saw in our initial test, second review, and semi-test. So that’s what we want to see from an Oppo Find X4 Pro when it finally hits the market.

Improved micro lens camera

Oppo has found it appropriate to offer a 3MP micro camera for the Find X3 Pro, and it’s definitely one of the coolest add-on cameras we’ve seen so far. It will get you much closer than with a macro camera. , shows details that are not visible to the naked eye.

However, the camera has some major drawbacks, the first being the sensitive focus. We can understand with full focus as it looks more like a microscope than anything else, but autofocus would be great.

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A much bigger issue in our book is the low resolution of 3MP. This camera just isn’t detailed enough to use these photos as wallpapers where they would really shine. So hopefully Oppo will come up with a 5MP + microscope camera if you really plan to bring back the microlenses in the Find X4 Pro.

Higher availability

One of the biggest issues with the Find X3 Pro was unrelated to the device itself, but we were disappointed with the device’s limited availability. , Britain and the rest of Europe, but markets like India, North America, Latin America and most of Africa have been completely lost.

It’s unclear if this was a strategic move or if it was related to the chip shortage, but we’re hoping the company will expand its presence with the Find X4 Pro, ultimately one of the ways it will still challenged companies like Apple and Samsung. level of availability like Oppos BBK stablemate OnePlus is particularly successful in the United States. It would be great if Oppo followed in their footsteps.

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A long-range zoom camera

A downgrade for the Find X3 Pro over its predecessor was the long-range zoom, as the 2021 flagship offered a 13MP 2x telephoto lens compared to the 13MP 5x periscope lens on board the Find X2 Pro.

While this will mean that the native close zoom will be updated, it was obvious that the long range zoom suffered a lot from this decision. We expect Oppo to bring a periscope camera to the Find X4 Pro, either replacing the dual camera or even better as a complement to the close-up lens.

Compatible with other fast chargers

Many of today’s flagship phones offer a fast charge feature, sometimes over 30W. This allows you to fully charge your device in an hour or less. o Technology based on Qualcomm’s Quick Charge and the open standard USB Power Delivery. We’ve also seen that many phones support both proprietary and universal standards to cover all the bases.

A major downside to the Find X3 Pro is that it only charges quickly through Oppo’s proprietary solution, and the charge drops to 10W in some cases when using third-party chargers.

That’s a real bummer, and pretty bad for the environment too, as you might have to buy a new proprietary charger to get decent speeds. We want Oppo to solve this problem with their 2022 flagship shaped glass. Even the camera body was made from that piece of glass instead of a different material or a separate piece of glass.

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We would like Oppo to keep this design on the Find X4 Pro, but we would also like the company to offer a faux fur variant as seen on the gorgeous orange Find X2 Pro. Make that happen and please Find X3 Pro and Find X2 Pro fans. Submit your response via our survey below or let us know through the comments section.

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