PicoTorrent is a high performance & low memory usage BitTorrent client

PicoTorrent is a high performance & low memory usage BitTorrent client

It is very important to have the right BitTorrent client to download Torrents. Yes, we agree that there are many such programs for Windows 10, but you know what? Sometimes we have to try new things to see if we can have a better experience. Today we would like to take time and discuss PicoTorrent. We love it because it is light compared to some of the popular choices. Let’s face it, guys, uTorrent isn’t what it used to be, so maybe it’s time to change.

Using little memory, we think it’s one of the tools people should experiment with. In addition, the user interface is not bad at all. Nothing extraordinary because we have already seen it before, we simply take advantage of simple and direct interfaces.

PicoTorrent for Windows PC

Before going ahead, we must emphasize that the tool is written in C ++ and is based on Rasterbar-libtorrent. Note however that PicoTorrent only uses Boost.Random and Boost.System of Rasterbar-libtorrent, so there is not a large dependence.

1]Add torrents

The first thing we think you might want to do is download torrents. Please keep in mind that we do not support downloading illegal files. Now to start your download, please click File, then select Add Torrent or Add Magnetic Links.

You will need to have the torrent or magnet files on your computer to start the download.

Alternatively, you can simply set PicoTorrent as default and then automatically load the torrent files into the system via the web browser.


By clicking on the Display tab, the user should find several options, all important in some respects. For example, we have the option to display more details and the status bar. The filtering section also offers a few options, so you may want to consider looking at it.


PicoTorrent for Windows PC

Under the Display tab, we will find Preferences. Here the user will get to know a ton of things they can play with. You can configure PicoTorrent to launch automatically each time the system is restarted. Display information in the notification area, limit download and upload speeds, etc.

Now, as far as how it works for downloading torrents, well, that’s how you would expect it. There is really nothing different compared to other similar tools. The most important thing is how it doesn’t use a lot of system resources, so if that’s your thing, then give PicoTorrent a chance.

Download the tool directly from the official site.

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