Prevent Photos app from opening when connecting your Phone to Windows 10 PC

Stop Photos app from opening when connecting your Phone to PC

Whenever you connect your devices such as Android Phone, iPhone or iPad to a Windows 10 computer, the Photos application will launch instantly. This allows you to import all media, but this is not the desired course of action that you expect every time. Because, often, users connect the phone to charge and not for synchronization. This condition can be corrected via a simple change of parameters.

Stop the Photos app when you connect your phone to a PC

To prevent the Photos application from automatically opening when you connect an iPhone or Android phone to a Windows 10 computer, you have two methods:

  1. Disable Autoplay in Settings
  2. Disable autorun with the help of the Group Policy Editor

When you connect a removable device such as a USB flash drive or memory card to your computer, an "AutoPlay" popup window appears on your computer screen. Its main purpose is to detect the type of media plugged in and act automatically on your behalf. But if you do not like it, try one of the ways mentioned below to get rid of it.

1) Disable the autoplay option in the settings

Click on the "Start" button and choose "Settings"

Under & #39;Windows settings'Select' Devices 'and scroll to'Automatic reading'Section in the left pane.

Then configure 'Automatic reading'By default. To do this, choose Apple iPhone and click on the adjacent drop-down arrow.

Select one of the following options

  • Do not act
  • Ask me every time.

It should work.

Lily: How to set default values ​​for Autoplay in Windows 10.

2) Disable autorun with the help of the Group Policy Editor

Press Win + R at the same time to open the Run dialog box. Type & #39;gpedit.msc'In the search bar and press' Enter'.

Then go to 'The configuration of a computer'> Administrative Templates> Windows Components ".

Under & #39;Windows componentsSearch and selectAutoplay rules"

In the details pane on the right, select 'Disable Autoplay' and disable it on all drives.

Once the above steps have been completed, the Photos application will no longer open automatically each time you connect your phone.

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