Recover Windows computer after malware attack using SmartFix

SmartFix lets you fix common system problem after malware attack

Being a victim of a malware attack is very common. Although an antivirus can remove all malware, spyware, etc., it may not be able to detect and repair the various types of system file corruption generated during the attack. SmartFix is a free Windows software that allows you to troubleshoot and resolve common system issues so that you can start using your normal computer normally after being attacked by malware.

Recover a Windows computer after a malware attack

SmartFix is ​​designed to do only three tasks. You can use it when your computer is attacked and after removing malware, adware, spyware, etc., with the help of an antivirus. There are three options included in this software, and they are-

  1. Perform integration of SmartFix in the system recovery environment
  2. Perform a full recovery of the network settings and restart the computer
  3. Launch AutoRuns, AdwCleaner, etc.

If you choose the first option, you can start SmartFix from the System Recovery Environment that appears if you press the F8 button when you start the system. From there, it will start working and will try to delete all malicious files so that users can get back to work as quickly as possible.

The second option (full recovery of network settings and restarting the computer) is convenient when an adware or malware has changed your network settings. If you can not use the internet after recovering from an attack, you should use this option. It will perform a complete recovery of the network settings so that you can start using the Internet on your personal computer.

The third option (Launch) allows you to run different programs. You can download and run AdwCleaner, DR. Web CureIt, the ESET Online scanner, the removal of Kaspersky Virus, etc., if you have a valid Internet connection. You can use AdwCleaner when your computer contains adware, the Kaspersky Virus removal tool when your PC contains malicious programs, and so on.

Using SmartFix to troubleshoot common Windows issues

To start using SmartFix, you must follow these steps.

To begin, you must download it from the official website. It does not require installation due to portability. After downloading, double-click the executable file to open the interface. As mentioned earlier, you can find three options.

You must choose what you want to do. If you select the first option, a message stating that "The integration of SmartFix in the boot menu has been completed successfully" displays on the screen. After that, you must start your system in the recovery environment and go to Troubleshooting> SmartFix Tool.

After that, it will work accordingly to find and fix file corruption.

The second option is useful when your network settings have been modified by malware or adware. If you select this option, it will attempt to recover the previous network settings and restart your computer. To use it, choose the second option and then click on the button beginning button.

The third option allows you to download various tools such as:

  1. AutoRuns
  2. AdwCleaner
  3. Dr. Web CureIt which is a standalone malware scanner
  4. Eset Online Scanner, which is a antivirus scanner online.
  5. Kaspersky Virus Removal Tool, etc.

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There is no need to open a browser, go to the corresponding website to download these tools because SmartFix can do it for you. Many times, you may need to use such software to remove malware, adware, and so on. You can choose a software according to your needs. If the software requires an installation, you can find the installation wizard after the download. However, if the software is portable, you can run it directly without installing it. the launching the drop-down menu looks like this-

Recover a Windows computer after a malware attack

To download software, you must have an Internet connection. You can use the second option before this if you do not have the Internet connection on your computer.

If you wish, you can download it from official site. It is fully compatible with Windows 10.

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