Remap Bixby Button on Samsung Devices with a File Edit

Remap Bixby Button Samsung

Bixby, Samsung users are well aware. Most Samsung users want to get rid of it. However, it is not as simple as operating a switch or changing a setting. The removal of the artificial intelligence assistant requires root access. By following the simple Bixby hack mentioned below, you can remap the Bixby button of Samsung Galaxy devices simply by editing a file. Keep reading to find out more.

No matter what the Samsung voice assistant can use, it's clear that Bixby is not the one who wins the wizard war. At least as long as Google Assistant is available. Now, that does not mean that this digital assistant is completely incompetent. Bixby's ability to perform several consecutive actions at once is invaluable. For example, send pictures taken today to dad or look for a picture of a cat in the gallery.

Despite all this, Bixby has not been well received by Samsung's customers. All members of the community, from developers to basic users, want to disable it. Disabling Bixby has many benefits, including increased battery life. Enough reason already. The dedicated key is even more the reason why users want to disable it. Accidental presses are more frequent than users would like. Thus, leading to such messages. We have already presented some methods to remap the Bixby button on Samsung devices. Links to these articles below.

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  • Samsung phone with root access
  • Root Explorer or any other file explorer that can access the root directory (For this tutorial, I used Solid Explorer)
  • Text editor

Steps to Remap the Bixby Button on Samsung Devices

To edit a system file, you must have root privilege on your Samsung devices.

  1. Open Solid Explorer (if prompted, grant root access)
  2. Navigate to /root/system/usr/keylayout/Generic.klGeneric.kl samsung file
  3. Open the Generic.kl file using any text editor.
  4. Scroll to what you see KEY 703 WINK.KEY 703 WINK
  5. Replace CLIN OF EYE with one of the following,
key 703 BACK (back)
key 703 CALENDAR (calendar)
key 703 CALL (call)
key 703 CAMERA (camera)
key 703 CONTACTS (contacts)
key 703 HOME (home)
key 703 EXPLORER (internet-browser)
key 703 MENU (menu)
key 703 MESSAGE (message)
key 703 MEDIA_NEXT (next-track)
key 703 MEDIA_PLAY_PAUSE (play/pause)
key 703 MEDIA_PREVIOUS (previous-track)
key 703 POWER (power-button)
key 703 QPANEL_ON_OFF (notification-panel)
key 703 SYSRQ (screenshot)
key 703 SEARCH (search)
key 703 SLEEP (sleep)
key 703 WAKEUP (wakeup-phone)
key 703 APP_SWITCH (recent-apps)
key 703 VOICE_ASSIST (voice-assistant)

6. Save the file and restart.

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That's all! Now, press the Bixby button to test if everything works fine. Lineage OS users should search gpio_keys.kl instead of.

Do not delete WINK in the hope of disabling the Bixby key. The power button and volume rockers will lose their functionality.

You have correctly remapped the Bixby button on your Samsung phone or tablet. If you have questions about this message, leave it in the comments section below. I will be happy to help you.

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