SamFirm – Download Latest Samsung Firmware Directly

Download Latest Samsung Firmware Directly Using SamFirm

SamFirm is a tool to download the latest Samsung firmware directly from Samsung servers. In this tutorial, we will explain how to use the latest version of SamFirm to download the Odin firmware binaries for your region or country based on the CSC or product code. Download the Samsung SamFirm firmware download tool ( below.

Many users, especially young people, like to play with their phones by tinkering with the options found in the device settings, trying different apps, mods, patches, ROMs, and exploits. Doing such things on their phones has become a favorite pastime of many smartphone users these days. Since activities like trying different mods and ROMs sometimes create a mess, you may need to flash the original firmware on your phone to restore it and make it usable.

On the other hand, many people simply get a phone and use it for as long as they want without getting involved in activities that can be risky because they have no interest or time to such things. However, although they stay away from risky things, they sometimes find themselves in situations where installing the official firmware remains the only rescue option for their phone.

If your device has started to misbehave or has been caught in a boot loop, you can easily restore it to stock and fix these issues. While it is not very easy to get the original firmware for devices from certain manufacturers, it is still easy to get the official ROMs for Samsung Galaxy devices. There are many sites that provide firmware download links, but downloading firmware from there can be a difficult task, especially if you don’t have an ultra fast and stable data connection. In addition, these sites do not support the resume download feature.

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If you’re feeling frustrated trying to download 1/2 GB firmware all day without success, there is now a handy utility to make your job really easy.

The name of the tool is SamFirm and it was developed by a member of XDA zxz0O0. In fact, it’s an old tool, but we learned that it was only a few weeks ago. SamFirm works only on Windows PC and today we are here to explain how to use the tool and download the firmware of your Samsung Galaxy phone or tablet.

Download the latest Samsung firmware

Make sure you download the correct firmware for your Samsung Galaxy smartphone or tablet. Please note that the correct firmware is the correct firmware for your device and the country / region where you purchased and use it. To do this, discover the model of your device by going to Settings> About device> Model number and write it down. Next, you will need to find the CSC code for your device. CSC codes are specific to the region and the operator / network operator.

If your phone is not locked by SIM or carrier brand, you can install any unbranded firmware that matches your device model, regardless of the CSC match. However, if your Galaxy device is carrier brand, you need to install firmware that matches your device’s CSC or you brick it.

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Download SamFirm Tool

We have all versions (from the oldest to the most recent) of the SamFirm tool listed below. We recommend that you download Samfirm v0.3.6 or 0.3.7.

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Using Samfirm to Download the Latest Samsung Firmware

Before trying SamFirm, you should check Frija, the best Samsung firmware downloader.

  1. Download Samfirm version of the tool 0.3.6 or 0,3,7.
  2. Make sure you have a stable and functional data connection.
  3. Extract on your desk.
  4. Open the extracted folder and double-click SamFirm.exe to launch it.
    Installation of SamFirm Tool
  5. Please note that SamFirm requires Microsoft .NET Framework installed on your computer to work. Therefore, if you are prompted by the tool to install the framework, do so.
  6. When SamFirm is launched, you will see a window like the one shown below.
    samfirm - Samsung firmware downloader
    Download Samsung firmware with SamFirm
  7. Now enter your phone’s model number in Model in SamFirm. In my case, I download the latest firmware from my Galaxy S7 Edge SMG935F. You can find the model number of your Samsung phone under Settings> About device.
  8. Then click Region and enter it CSC or country-specific code for your country, region or carrier. The CSC code is a 3 character value based on location.
  9. Anyway, check now car option in Samfirm.
  10. After that click on the Check for update button.
  11. Wait a few seconds and you will see the details of the firmware, including Android and build versions, appear in the message box (see screenshot above).
  12. Finally, click on the Download in SamFirm.
  13. Now select the location where you want to save the firmware file.
  14. Wait until the firmware download is complete.
    samfirm - Samsung firmware downloader
    SamFirm – Samsung firmware download tool
  15. When the firmware is downloaded, you will get the firmware file in a zip package:
  16. Unzip the downloaded file.
  17. You will get the firmware file with the extension .tar.md5. If you have a new Samsung device, you can get four files in the extracted folder.
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You have successfully downloaded the Samsung firmware for your Samsung Galaxy phone or tablet using the Samfirm firmware download tool. After downloading the firmware, download the appropriate version of Samsung odin and install firmware manually.

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