Screenleap is a free screen sharing tool to share your device’s screen over the Internet

Screenleap is a free screen sharing tool to share your device’s screen over the Internet

Screenleap is a web-based tool that gives users a very simple way to share their screen with others. It bypasses elaborate setups, additional downloads and other issues by requiring only a single download and installation. Here's how to use this tool for screen sharing.

Screenleap Screen Sharing Tool

Screen sharing has become an ideal method for training or collaborating on projects with remote participants. It offers you the opportunity to communicate wirelessly with people from all over the world. Screenleap simplifies even more. The program offers two ways to share your screen with others

  1. Share the screen via the browser
  2. Screen sharing via the Screenleap for Windows application

1) Share the screen via a browser

Just visit the website, click to share your screen button, and you're ready to go. However, note that this method allows you to use Screenleap without logging in. As a result, the time allowed for sharing your screen is limited (for 40 minutes). In addition, you can share the screen with up to 2 viewers. To override this limit, you must create a free account to allow longer sharing with more people.

Creating an account will allow 40 minutes of screen sharing each day. So, go toPrice and registration'Section and select a plan (free plan).

When this option is selected, the time limit is increased to 2 hours and allows you to share the screen with up to 8 people.

Once done, it will ask you to share your screen in public or in private. Select the desired option to obtain a 9-digit code.

Enter the code in the space provided for this purpose on the web page to allow another person to see your screen.

If you want to share the limited space, just click on the drop-down menu next to "Share all the screen & #39; and select 'Share inside the rectangle"

2) Screen Sharing via Screenleap for Windows Application

If you are using a Windows computer, you can choose to share your screen with the help of the Screenleap for Windows application.

The Windows application requires only one time download and installation. Once installed, the Screenleap icon will be added to the notification area of ​​your taskbar and your screen sharing will start automatically.

When you have finished your screen sharing, the Windows application continues to run, so you do not need to download or install it again. Now, whenever you want, you can create a new screen sharing in

  • Visit the Screenleap website and start a screen sharing from the website
  • Clicking the Screenleap icon in the notification area of ​​the taskbar, then clicking the buttonStart screen sharing » option.

Visit and sign up for their free plan. They also offer a Chrome browser extension.

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