Dark Mode Update for the Google App Starts Rolling Out

google app dark mode
Although Google has begun deploying Dark Mode features for most users, deployment has not been done in stages. Some applications such as Google Keep have very well integrated dark mode into its application, but the same can not be said of many others. Google apps like Gmail, Photos, etc. have all received updates in stages. Being a server-side update, only a group of users could get the update in the first place. And now, it seems that Google App is also following the same lines. Download the Google APK app with the dark mode below.

Again, this update is not limited to devices running the latest version of Android 10. I received the dark mode of the Google app on my device running the Apple Android 9.0 Pie As with other updates, the Android version makes no difference. One thing, however, that can make the difference, is whether you are registered to Google's beta test group. When you join this group, you will receive different updates much earlier than other users. But this could affect the stability of the application. So take your decision accordingly and download the Google app in dark mode from the section below. In addition, Samsung users do not forget to check out the 13 best themes of Samsung One's dark user interface.

Download Google App with Dark Mode

Google App with dark mode is available on version From the home page to the Settings menu, everything went black. In addition, I have not noticed any stability problem so far. I imagine that it is only a matter of time before Google also unveils it to the general public.

One thing to keep in mind is that once you install the APK, the dark mode will be automatically activated. If for any reason you want to turn it off, follow the steps below.

choose a theme

  1. Open the Google app and press the More option. this will be the last option in the bottom menu.
  2. Meeting on Settings.
  3. Now go to General and scroll down until you reach the Theme section.
  4. Tap on it and make your choice.

Moreover, this is not the only change that Google has introduced. When you open the application, then under the search bar, you will see various Keywords. Unfortunately, these tags are not categorized based on your frequent and recent searches. On the contrary, they show the most popular tags for the general public. For example, it will display tags related to videos, cool photos, new songs, love.


As my tastes are mainly based on technological events from around the world, they did not help me much. But this can certainly be useful for others. That said, here is the download link of the Google app with dark mode enabled.

Have you been able to get the Google app with the ability to enable dark mode? In addition, are you irritated by this update server side of Google? Do you think that the idea of ​​side-loading applications should be sufficient even for normal users to take advantage of new features? Let us know your views in the comments section below.

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