Something is preventing us from communicating with our activation servers

Something is preventing us from communicating with our activation servers (0x87e10bcf)

Windows activation is an important process for consumers and Microsoft, and like everything that happens on Windows 10, there is no shortage of errors. If you receive a Windows activation error – Unable to activate Windows, something is preventing us from communicating with our activation servers, wait a few minutes, then try again, with associated error codes 0x87e10bcf, 0x87e10bc6, or 0x803f7008, then in this post, we’ll help you fix it.

Something is preventing us from communicating with our activation servers

The error identifies the problem. During the activation process, Windows sends the activation key to Microsoft servers. The servers validate the license key and return the result. If the key is valid, you get an active state on the computer. In this case, the Windows PC is not able to connect with the activation server, and this is what we will resolve.

  • Windows 10 activation troubleshooting
  • Network adapter troubleshooter
  • Check the connection with the corporate domain
  • Firewall and proxy server check

It goes without saying that you will need a stable internet connection to activate the computer. You can always let it run in the background and let it check for you. In the event of an error, the user is notified.

1]Windows 10 activation troubleshooting

Something is preventing us from communicating with our activation servers (0x87e10bcf)

If activation failed for you only once, Windows activation troubleshooter will appear to help you.

  • Open parameters (Win + I)
  • Go to Update & Security> Activation
  • Find and run Windows 10 activation troubleshooter.

Although it is clear that the problem is related to the connection to the activation server, but if there is something in between that blocks, the problem solving utility will help you to report it.

2]Network adapter troubleshooting

It is a built-in troubleshooter that can help you reset the network card and check if the cache or any settings related to the card were restrictive. Once reset, everything will be reconnected and the resolution will be fresh. If that doesn’t resolve, it could be your DNS.

  • Open Windows settings (Windows key + I)
  • Go to Update & Security> Troubleshooting
  • Find and run network adapter troubleshooting
  • Once the wizard completes the process, check the activation again.

Internet will be temporarily unavailable during the process. So make sure that you have no form of submission or pending transaction during the process.

3]Check the connection with the corporate domain

If you are part of a domain, you need to check if the company’s DNS is available on your side. If you have the IP address, you can ping it from the command prompt, or you can ask your IT administrator about it. Usually DNS problems lead to other related problems and should be identifiable if you are unable to access something else as well.

4]Firewall and proxy server check

Although it is less likely, if the firewall has blocked the URLs and IP addresses of the activation server, you will have the same error. here is list of websites you must whitelist for activation to succeed

Be sure to configure the proxy server or firewall to exclude the URL for activation to succeed. This can be Windows Firewall or the firewall offered by the third-party security application.

5]Activate Windows 10 by phone

You can also activate Windows by phone. It is available to both retail and volume license customers. However, for companies, it will be necessary to connect with their IT administrator to resolve this problem if nothing else works. Once activated, you can view the license status and activation ID of your Windows operating system with slmgr.vbs.

I hope that the publication was easy to follow and that you were able to resolve the Windows Activation Error 0x87e10bcf, 0x87e10bc6 or 0x803f7008, which were caused by communication problems with Microsoft’s activation servers.

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Something is preventing us from communicating with our activation servers (0x87e10bcf)

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