Startup Failure – We removed some recently installed updates

Windows Update Failure Removed Updates

If the update section of your Windows computer displays a message after you log in We have removed some recently installed updates to recover your device after a failed boot.because your Windows 10 device has recently recovered from a startup failure. This occurs if there is a hardware problem, file corruption, or incompatible third-party software. In this post, I will show you how to fix this problem and manually install the drivers and updates.

We have removed some recently installed updates to recover your device after a failed boot.

Why does the Windows Update system choose to remove some of the installed updates?

During a startup, if Windows detects that this has not succeeded, troubleshooting starts with itself. It will fix failures due to disk problems, system file corruption, invalid registry keys or other causes. If automated troubleshooting fails and the machine does not start properly, Windows will determine if the startup problem has been introduced after installing a recent driver or quality updates. If this is the case, these updates will be automatically uninstalled so that Windows can return to the operating state.

If removing updates and drives causes Windows to start normally, another precautionary action is required. Windows will prevent deleted updates from automatically installing for the next 30 days. Because Microsoft returns diagnostic data for such failures, Microsoft and its partners have the opportunity to investigate this failure and resolve potential problems. After 30 days, if updates are still applicable, Windows will try to install them again.

How to manually install updates and Windows drivers

When you manually install quality updates and drives, be sure to do one at a time. This gives you the ability to determine which update is causing the problem. If your device fails to start properly after the automatic or manual installation of these updates, Windows will uninstall them again automatically.

1) Advanced manual installation

To install quality updates:

  • Open the Windows Update Catalog
  • Check for updates from the Windows Update catalog
  • Download and install the update.

2) Update drivers in Windows 10

If you think you have the right set of drivers and that they work properly, we suggest you install or update the driver manually.

Both of these methods will help you install updates that have been forcibly removed by Windows Update.

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