This trick makes it easier to find quoted tweets on Twitter

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Twitter provides an excellent platform for having meaningful conversations and discussions on various messages. You can comment, tweet, retweet or even quote any tweet if you think it’s important. And in this guide, we will discuss the latter. In other words, thanks to the instructions given, you could easily find out who all cited a specific tweet. But before that, it’s important to discuss the difference between the cited tweets and the retweets on Twitter.

Retweets are simply sharing other tweets on your own page. So if you come across an interesting tweet and want subscribers to know about it too, you simply retweet it. Simply put, take it as a copy and paste of tweets from one place to another. The tweets cited on Twitter, on the other hand, are somewhat different.

These types of tweets also allow further discussion and comments. You can therefore call the tweets cited as “retweet with comments”. That’s not it, you can’t comment on retweets. But any comments made on them will directly reach the original message and not the person who retweeted. However, with the tweets cited, you can start a new conversation with the user who initiated the tweet.

Now that we’ve clarified the differences, let’s take a look at a handy tip for easily finding the tweets cited on Twitter. Also see our guide if you want to disable the browsers built into Twitter and Facebook.

How to easily find cited tweets on Twitter

The tweets cited on Twitter are a great way to find out how the public reacts to this. For example, if you find a particular tweet cited by more than one, it highlights the fact that these types of tweets are sure to generate a lot of anticipation among users. But not all of the tweets cited can generate favorable opinions. This is where its comments section comes in handy (something missing from its counterpart, i.e. retweets).

But here’s the rub. How would you know how many times a particular tweet has been quoted? You can easily see the number of comments, retweets and likes on a tweet, but unfortunately, the same cannot be said of the tweets cited on Twitter. This is where the instructions below will come in handy. So without further ado, let’s start with the instructions.

Steps to follow

  1. Meet at Twitter app on your Android device.
  2. Find the tweet whose version you want to find.
  3. Then press the Share icon and then on Copy the link to Tweet.
  4. Once copied to the clipboard, go to the Search bar. You can do this directly from the bottom bar.
  5. Paste the URL of the copied tweet and delete ? s = 19 from the end of the URL. When finished, press Search.
user tweets
All users who cited this tweet

You will now get all of the cited tweets associated with this previous tweet that you selected on Twitter. the High The category will display the cited tweet with the highest number of engagements (I like. The comments, etc.). the Latest The section will organize the tweets according to the recency factor (from the most recent to the oldest). Similarly, explore the People, Photos, and Videos to get images and related videos of this tweet quoted on Twitter.

So these were the steps to finding any tweet cited on Twitter without too much noise. Note that regardless of the URL of the tweet you copy, each of them will have this ? s = 19 at the end. Just delete them and continue. So what are your opinions on this tip? Do you regularly quote tweets or is retweeting more than enough? Let us know your views in the comments below.

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