Webpage Conversion Tool lets you export Webpage, HTML to File, File to HTML

Webpage Conversion Tool lets you export Webpage, HTML to File, File to HTML

Sometimes you need to save a web page as a PDF or image file, etc. One of the easiest ways is to save in HTML format and then use an integrated or third-party tool to convert to the desired format. However, with the Web page conversion tool, it becomes much easier. The tool allows you to export a URL in PDF, JPG, PNG and SVG format. In addition, the application supports the conversion to HTML format and vice versa of more than fifteen different file types.

Web page conversion tool

Export web page, HTML to file, file to HTML

When you launch the software after installation on Windows, you have three options: web page conversion, HTML to file conversion, and file to HTML conversion. The latter is extremely useful when you want to render an HTML file from a mockup you have created for your client.

When you export a website to the desired format, you can choose an orientation, quality, page size, remove background, zoom level and disable javascript. The last option is something you should experiment with as some websites use it for the user interface.

Web page conversion tool PDF website

What I noticed was that the service does all the conversions online. The files you download here to convert HTML or any other file are downloaded, then they are converted and you get a download prompt. According to their privacy policy

During processing, we use a third-party service API. We do not share your data with other services. Your downloaded files will not be given or sold to anyone. No one except you will ever have access to the converted file, as all files are deleted immediately after each conversion, so we can say that we do not store any data. We do not review your files and do not make any backups.

All transfers are made through an SSL encrypted channel.

List of formats available for conversion

HTML to file

  • Documents: doc, docx, md, odt, pdf, rtf, tex, txt
  • Ebooks: azw3, epub, lrf, mobi, oeb, pdb
  • Images: jpg, png

HTML file

  • Documents: doc, md, odt, rst, sdw, rtf, docx, dot, dotx, lwp, pdf, rtf, tex, txt, wpd, wps, zabw
  • Presentations: dps, odp, pps, ppt, pptm, pptx, sda
  • Worksheets: csv, et, ods, sdc, xls, xlsm, xlsx

Here is the sample PDF conversion web page for TheWindowsClub website. You can see that he was unable to download the images, but it worked well when creating a list of articles on the home page.

TWC conversion result

Overall, it’s a decent tool that can convert many types of documents, but in my experience, they might not be perfect. The HTML conversion had a hiccup because it couldn’t use the images in the folder where all the files are saved. He only downloaded the HTML file. So I guess there is room for improvement. However, the conversion of the documents to HTML was almost perfect. He kept the paragraphs, the links, the formatting, etc.

You can download it from the Microsoft Store. It costs $ 6.99, but it is offered for free for the next 11 days, so be sure to enter it quickly.

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