Top 21 Things About WhatsApp Calls You Might Want to Know

Top 21 Things About WhatsApp Calls You Might Want to Know

When you consider calling someone using the Internet, Skype instantly comes to mind. However, things have changed in recent years with chat apps like WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger, including calling features. Although using them seems easy, these features have a problem or two. All your questions will be answered and you can consider this message as your WhatsApp call guide.

The calling function on WhatsApp works in the same way as in other applications. You can make a voice or video call over the Internet, make a group call, place the phone on a speakerphone, and even mute the call.

Let’s see how to perform various functions related to calls in WhatsApp, as well as some tips and tricks. You will also learn what works and what does not work in WhatsApp calls. Let’s start.

1. How to make a WhatsApp call

Calling people on WhatsApp is a breeze. On Android and iPhone, simply open the contact in WhatsApp that you want to call, then press the voice call button. If you want to make a video call, press the video call button.

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2. Do the calls work on WhatsApp Web

WhatsApp Web does not currently support voice or video calls. You will not even be notified of the incoming call. It is only when the call disconnects that you will see the missed call text inside the web chat.

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3. How to identify WhatsApp calls

All incoming WhatsApp calls display WhatsApp text to distinguish it from regular phone calls. You will find it either in the status bar or on the WhatsApp call screen.

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4. Answer and reject WhatsApp calls

The method of answering or rejecting the call changes depending on whether your phone is locked or not. Let’s check it separately for Android and iPhone

On Android, tap the Reply button if the phone is unlocked. If the phone is locked, you will see a different call screen. Swipe up from the green button to accept the call. Swipe up on the red button to reject the call.

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On the iPhone, when the phone is unlocked, press the blue Accept button to answer the call. Press Refuse to refuse it. If the phone is locked, swipe right on the Slide button to answer. To reject the call, press the physical power button twice.

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5. Switch between voice and video calls

If you are on voice call with someone, you can switch to a video call by pressing the video button on the call screen.

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The call will not be connected automatically. The other person will receive a notification that you are trying to video call them.

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Point: You can also switch from video to voice call in WhatsApp. To do this, press the video stop button.

6. Group calls on WhatsApp

Yes, our beloved WhatsApp also supports group calls. You can have up to four participants in WhatsApp group calls. And participants don’t need to belong only to a WhatsApp group. You can also have a group call without a WhatsApp group.

There are three ways to make a group call on WhatsApp.

Method 1: from a group

To do this, open the group and press the call icon at the top. Select the contacts you want to call.

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Method 2: from the Calls tab

To do this, go to the Calls tab on your Android or iPhone. Tap the new call icon. It is present at the top of the iOS interface. On Android, you will find it at the bottom. Select New group call. Search for participants and call.

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Method 3: from individual calls

To do this, you must first call a contact. Then, once you’re connected, tap the add participant icon for Android and tap Add call on iPhone.

7. Who can disconnect the WhatsApp call

Any of the participants can disconnect the WhatsApp call. If there are only two participants, the call will be disconnected on both sides. In the case of group calls, the call will continue for the rest of the participants if you disconnect it on your side.

8. Remove a participant from the group call

You cannot remove a participant from a group call, even if you are a group administrator. The person should disconnect the call by themselves. Alternatively, all participants should disconnect the call and recreate a group call without that person.

9. Check the duration of the WhatsApp call

You will find all the details about your previous WhatsApp calls under the Calls tab in WhatsApp.

To check the call duration on Android, tap the contact’s name in the Calls tab. You will see a detailed call log with the time, duration and even the amount of data consumed during the call.

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On iPhone, tap the “i” icon next to the person’s name to see the details of the call.

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10. Delete the missed call on WhatsApp

To delete a missed call from a contact, go to the Calls tab in WhatsApp on Android and iPhone. Then on Android, long press the contact whose missed calls you want to delete. Tap the delete icon at the top.

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On iPhone, swipe left on the contact’s name under the Calls tab.

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11. Clear WhatsApp call log

To clear the entire call history, tap the three-dot icon at the top of the Calls tab on Android. Select Clear call log.

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On iPhone, tap Edit at the top of the Calls tab. Then press Clear.

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12. Is it necessary to be online to receive WhatsApp calls

No. Being online is not mandatory for WhatsApp calls. Your phone will still ring even if you are not using WhatsApp.

13. Will WhatsApp sound if the receiver has no longer installed an application

Yes and no. It will ring on your side, but since the receiver does not have the application, it will not be informed.

14. Will WhatsApp sound when the phone is turned off

It depends on the internet, because WhatsApp needs internet connectivity to work. So if you turn off your SIM card or mobile data, but have a working Wi-Fi connection, your WhatsApp will ring. But if you don’t have access to Wi-Fi, WhatsApp calls won’t ring. In the case of airplane mode, you will not receive calls.

15. Person is not available on WhatsApp

Sometimes when you talk to someone via WhatsApp chat and try to call them, you may get the error “Person is not available”. This mainly happens if the person is in a country where WhatsApp calls are not available, such as the United Arab Emirates.

16. Difference between refused and unanswered calls

When you call someone on WhatsApp and they disconnect the call, you get the refused call message. Unanswered call means that the person did not answer the call. They can be busy or out of reach.

17. What happens to WhatsApp calls when you block someone

When you block a person, you will not receive their calls or messages. However, the call will normally ring on their side. This has been done so that it does not become obvious that you have blocked them. Find out in detail what happens when you block someone on WhatsApp.

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18. Do WhatsApp calls appear on the phone bill

No. WhatsApp calls will not appear in the detailed section of your phone bill.

19. Are WhatsApp calls free

In a way. They will not be taken into account within the framework of the normal calling plan of your network operator. However, since WhatsApp consumes data, the amount billed will depend on your Internet plan.

20. Reduce the data used in calls

If you think WhatsApp is consuming a lot of data, you can reduce it using the built-in WhatsApp setting. To do this, go to WhatsApp Settings> Data and Storage Usage. Turn on the toggle next to Low data usage.

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21. Call waiting in WhatsApp

WhatsApp recently introduced call waiting on WhatsApp. This means that if you are on a WhatsApp call and someone else calls you on WhatsApp, you will now be notified. You can either accept the new call or decline it.

You will see two options (Finish and accept and decline) when you receive a new WhatsApp call while you are still on the call. The first will end the existing call and connect you to the new call. The Reject option will reject the new call and keep you connected to the existing call.

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Note: You will see similar options if you receive a normal phone call during a WhatsApp call.

Bonus: How to deactivate the call option in WhatsApp

If you don’t like WhatsApp calls or if someone bothers you on WhatsApp calls, you will have to block the contact. Unfortunately, you cannot deactivate the call function. In addition, you cannot block WhatsApp video or voice calls only without affecting the messages.

However, to avoid WhatsApp calls, you can turn off WhatsApp call notification. Doing this will make WhatsApp calls silent. So even if you receive a call, you will not be disturbed.

To turn off WhatsApp call notifications, open WhatsApp settings on your Android phone. Access notifications. Scroll down and tap Ringtone. Select None in the sound selector. You can also turn off the vibration.

Note: This feature is only available in the Android version of WhatsApp.

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