Top 6 Fixes for YouTube Cast Button Missing on Mobile and PC

Fix missing mobile PC featured image on YouTube stream button

There are many reasons why the broadcast button is missing on your phone and PC when you are streaming YouTube videos. Let’s take a look at the likely issues and solutions in the section below.

1. Connect the devices to the same Wi-Fi network

An easy way to restore the YouTube streaming icon is to make sure your computer or smartphone is connected to the same Wi-Fi as the streaming device. Suppose you are trying to cast a YouTube video from your PC to a Chromecast. So if the two devices are connected to different internet networks, the broadcast button may be missing.

If your PC is connected to the Internet through a modem or Ethernet cable, switch to a wireless network (remember: the same network the streamer is connected to) and try again.

2. Troubleshoot the Cast device

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Sometimes the fault is with the device you are trying to stream videos to. If your smartphone or computer fails to detect a nearby streaming device – maybe because it’s in use by another device – the streaming button / icon may not appear in the YouTube player.

In this case, make sure the streamer is set up correctly and close to your PC. Likewise, verify that the streaming device is not in use and is set to streaming or pairing mode. Turning off the Cast device can also help. If not, try resetting the device.

3. Force close YouTube

Some users reported that this is an effective troubleshooting solution to restore YouTube missing broadcast button on mobile devices. Try this and see if it helps.

Fix YouTube streaming button missing on mobile PC 04

How to force quit YouTube on iOS

Simply close YouTube just like you would any other apps on your iPhone or iPad. Swipe up from the bottom of your screen and release your finger once the app preview cards appear on the screen. Swipe up on the YouTube card to close it.

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Fix YouTube streaming button missing on PC mobile 06

For iPhones with a physical home button, double-click the home button to reveal active apps and swipe YouTube up from the app preview cards to close it.

How to force quit YouTube on Android

Step 1: Launch your device settings and select “Apps & notifications”.

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Fix YouTube streaming button missing on PC mobile 08

This will reveal all the apps installed on your device.

Note: Due to operating system and brand differences, this option may be titled “See all apps” on some Android devices.

Step 3: Find and click YouTube on the app information page.

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Step 4: Press the Force Stop button and click OK on the confirmation prompt.

Fix YouTube streaming button missing on 10 mobile PC

Fix YouTube streaming button missing on mobile PC 11

If force shutting down YouTube doesn’t restore the missing broadcast button, restart your device, relaunch YouTube, and check if that fixes the problem.

4. Update YouTube

Installing the latest YouTube updates might resolve the issue. Updated applications often come with bug fixes that restore the functionality of the application to normal. Update YouTube from your device’s App Store or click on the links below.

5. Restart the browser

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The problem could simply be a problem with your PC’s browser. Try restarting the browser and see if that restores the broadcast button. Remember to save any open tabs so you don’t lose them. You can check out some great browser extensions that help save open tabs.

If you closed your browser without saving the open tabs, there are some simple tips to restore lost tabs. So you have nothing to fear.

6. Update the browser

Can’t find the YouTube streaming button on your browser? Try to use a different browser. If the Stream button appears on other browsers, you need to update the affected browser.

While some browsers (like Microsoft Edge and Safari) often update automatically, others require you to update them manually. Here’s how to check for updates on some popular web browsers.

How to update Google Chrome

Step 1: Tap the three-dot menu icon in the upper right corner of the browser and select Settings.

Fix YouTube streaming button missing on laptop

Otherwise, paste this address chrome: // parameters in the address bar and press Enter / Return on your keyboard.

2nd step: In the lower left corner of the settings menu, select About Chrome.

Fix YouTube streaming button missing on PC mobile 01

Step 3: You should find an update button if your Chrome is out of date.

You’ll find a Relaunch Chrome button on this page if you’ve downloaded the updated browser version but haven’t yet installed it on your PC.

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How to update Mozilla Firefox

Step 1: Tap the hamburger menu icon and select Preferences.

Fix YouTube streaming button missing on mobile PC 02
2nd step:

In the General menu, scroll down to the Firefox Updates section and click the “Check for Updates” button. You must also enable the option “Automatically install updates” for Firefox to update automatically.

Fix YouTube streaming button missing on PC mobile 03

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We are convinced that at least one of the above solutions should restore the missing YouTube streaming button on your device. Let us know if you have any questions or other helpful tips to resolve this issue.


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Last updated on Dec 9, 2020

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