Cypher Notepad lets you encrypt your Text Documents in Windows 10

Cypher Notepad for Windows PC

Encryption is very important and is actually the best way to protect your data which you don’t want anyone to access. It is not only important for government, businesses and businesses, but also for people who want to protect their personal data from theft. Cypher Notepad is free software that protects your text documents by encryption. It is a simple text editor with a user-friendly and fairly intuitive interface.

Cypher Notepad for Windows PC

It is a very simple program with a user-friendly interface, so you don’t need deep computer skills to use it. Even a layman can use it to protect text documents with encryption.

You can create new documents or open saved ones directly from the main window. Each saved file is displayed with the name, size, date and path to its location. So basically you can easily access all of your saved files. The built-in notebook is quite similar to the traditional notebook we have been using for ages. You can easily find or replace the text from the Edit tab.

Create a new document

Creating a new document and encrypting it again is very easy with Cypher Notepad. Just click on New and it will open a new window showing the notebook. Type what you want, then click Format, select Encryptand you’re done. Your document is absolutely secure and is only accessible to someone with the encryption key.

To export the encryption key, click File and select Export key and you will get the key in a new window from where you can copy or save it.

Encrypt the existing fileCypher Notepad for Windows PC

You can also open any of your existing text files on your PC via Cypher Notepad and encrypt it with a key. Click Open, browse and select the file you want to encrypt. Click Format and select Encrypt.

Your encrypted files are not accessible to anyone and if they try to open them, the program will show them the encrypted text with a warning message. Even you cannot access these files without the key if you open them other than Cypher Notepad.

Overall, it is a very simple application with an absolutely clean and simple interface that allows you to encrypt all of your text documents. You can download it here.

It is a Java-based application, so you must have Java installed on your PC for it to work. Download and launch the program on which JRE 1.8 is installed on your PC.

Cypher Notepad for Windows PC

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