Using Google Meet To Live Stream Video

google meet

You may have been invited to join an internet meeting or conference using an electronic device, especially during the COVID-19 crisis. Well, this is where Google Meet, among other apps such as Zoom, comes in. Google Meet is a feature of the Google App Launcher that allows you to create live events with your audience and track the number of people watching the live broadcast. It is also important to present a read-only idea to a large audience.

What can you share via live streaming with Google Meet?

  • Training (training of employees and staff).
  • Academic tutorials with students.
  • Presentations with multiple presenters within the organization.
  • Conference tools and resources.
  • Serious meetings with stakeholders within the organization.

Here are some of the supported Google Meet browsers:

  • Chrome browser
  • Opera mini
  • Microsoft Edge
  • Apple Safari
  • Mozilla Firefox

How to access Google Meet

  1. Go to the app launcher at the top right of your screen.
  2. Select Google Meet.


Just type the URL: in your browser.

How to set up a livestream

This happens when you want to be the meeting host or organizer. Google meet gives you the absolute power to let you invite those who can attend the meeting, as read-only or full participants. If a Livestream recording were to take place, the link to that recording will be sent to your email address, and only you can share the link with other guests?

Here are the steps:

  1. Go to Google Calendar.
  2. To select Create then More options.
  3. Give your event a name and other details, such as the date and time.
  4. Add speakers and full participants to the video conference.

Note: these speakers / participants can be seen, their ideas heard and present their screens. They can also record and have full control over streaming.

google meet

  1. Click on Add a conference and select Hangouts Meet. This adds to video conferencing.
  2. Click the drop-down option on the far right and select View conference details.
  3. To invite the audience to the live broadcast, always include the web address under the Direct option.

How to join / start the livestream

Guests external to the calendar event are admitted to the meeting without the “Request to attend” request. You only need a link to the livestream.

  1. Go to the meeting site on google and type Link to Livestream.
  2. Click on Add then link.
  3. In the pop-up box, dough Livestream link and click Add a link.
  4. Then click Publish if everything is correct.
  5. On the day of the event, go back to your calendar and click on the game. Then click Join Hangouts Meet.
  6. Then click Join now and bingo! You will be admitted to the meeting.

Note that two parties are involved here: the organizer and the audience.

  • If you are the organizer, click on Start broadcasting.
  • The public will see the link you provided earlier and click to join.
  • The viewer can only increase the volume and video quality settings.
  • Read-only guests can be up to 100,000 guests, while attendees can only be 250 people.

How to create an additional event for the read-only audience

Specific people can be invited to an additional exclusive event as read-only guests. Guests cannot present, control, or record the stream, and they will not be seen or heard during the broadcast.

  1. Visit the Google Calendar.
  2. Select and edit the Livestream event you created.
  3. Click on More actions at the top then create a read-only event.
  4. For read-only access, add guests or rooms and provide their description.
  5. To select record then to send.

google meet

Record a real-time event in Google Meet

Sometimes participants may wish to save the livestream for future reference or to share it with other colleagues who are not present. The recording includes active participants and everything presented at the meeting. However, it excludes notifications and other pop-ups. Those outside the organization, that is, read-only guests, are notified when the recording starts or ends.

Start and end of a recording

  1. Open Google meet and join a meeting.
  2. To select More, then click Record meeting.
  3. Relax until the recording begins. Other guests of the live event will receive notifications regarding the registration.
  4. To end the recording, select More, then click Stop recording.
  5. To verify that the recording has stopped, click Stop recording again.

The recording file will be generated and saved in the My Drive> Meeting Recordings folder of the meeting organizer.

A link to the recording and the username of the person who recorded it is emailed to the organizer. After that, the organizer can choose to play, share, download or save the recording.

Connecting to a Livestream event

Read-only attendees are connected to the event using the Livestream link. They cannot interact with full participants or other conference guests.

They can only do the following:

  • Change the mode of the display screen.
  • Change video quality and playback speed.
  • Link the video to a larger screen i.e. a TV.
  • Start and end reading.
  • Activate or deactivate the noise cancellation function.

To watch it later, you must request the recording link from the organizer if it is only available.

How to join a Livestream event as a read-only guest:

  1. Go to the calendar event or email and click on the Livestream link.
  2. You can choose to watch from a meeting room selected for the event or from the Chrome browser.


With the COVID-19 pandemic we face in the world today, the rule of social distancing must be followed if safety is anything to go by. Google Meet lets you join a Livestream event as a full attendee or as a read-only guest. It allows you to communicate with people safe in your home without running the risk of contracting COVID-19.

Here you will have access to quality and secure video communication with enhanced features. Google Meet also allows you to record a meeting for future reference. The recording can only be shared and saved by the organizer before the rest can access it. Google Meet is easy to use, safe, and secure. It also comes with additional programs that allow you to access other G suite products such as Google Duo.

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