How to Block Offensive Words from appearing in Tweets

block offensive tweets

You may have come across some coarse language or hateful and obscene tweets. Well, no one wants such tweets to appear on their feed. But you can’t really have a say. If you know of an account that regularly tweets such things, you should probably block them first. It’s a thing. But you can’t always really predict who will follow such tweets if they aren’t a regular offender. Twitter provides practical functionality for handling such cases. You can let the app know the words you no longer want to see from now on. It will then block all tweets containing these offensive words. Would you like to try it? Well, here are the instructions. Also see our guide on how to get Tweet updates from non-subscribers on Twitter

Prevent offensive words from appearing in tweets

To perform the aforementioned task, we would take the help of the Twitter muted keyword function. All you have to do is just let Twitter know which words you want to deactivate. From now on, as Twitter finds this word, it will block this whole tweet.

Although tweets are blocked from your home feed and notifications, you will still be able to see tweets with these blocked keywords in the search bar. Well, it’s understood and it shouldn’t be a big deal. That said, here are the steps to block offensive words from Twitter. On the other hand, also take a look at the steps to view and customize Twitter’s interests.

Twitter mute keyword functionality

  1. Open the Twitter app on your Android device and go to Notification.
  2. To do this, you can either go to your avatar, press settings and Privacy > Notifications. Or tap the bell icons located in the bottom bar, then tap the settings gear at the top right.
    muted keyword
  3. Then go to Dumb words section. In the next screen that appears, press I got it and follow the instructions to block offensive words from Twitter.
  4. Tap the plus icon at the bottom right and enter the desired words / phrases. Be sure to select both options- House timeline and Notifications.
    offensive tweets settings
  5. Then under the duration , select the desired period for which you want to block offensive words from tweets. By default, it will be set to Forever.

That’s it. You have now successfully cut the tweets for good. These rules apply to your notifications, your home timeline, and all interactions, including likes, replies, mentions, retweets, and retweets with comments. It’s certainly a handy feature for blocking offensive words from tweets and all of your Twitter feeds. Share this guide with others and help them have a much better Twitter experience.

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