What are the EMZ files? How to open EMZ files on Windows 10?

What is an EMZ file and how do I open it

There are a number of file extensions for a particular file type under Windows 10. The most well known are those of images. Among the image file formats such as PNG, JPEG, TIFF and more, EMZ is another one that is not used much in the consumer space in particular. The EMZ file extension is rather a compressed image file. We are talking about Windows enhanced compressed metafile file. This is one of those GZIP EMF files and is used by Microsoft application software such as Office Visio, Word and PowerPoint.

What is an EMZ file and how do you open it?

If you want to use EMZ in Microsoft Office, you can use it in Visio, Word, PowerPoint, and others. You can use them by selecting Insert> Images.

Another way to use EMZ files in Microsoft Office applications is to drag the file from the File Explorer to the Office application.

If you want a stand-alone application to display the EMZ file, you can use the free XnConvert software. This will also help you convert it to another format such as PNG, JPEG or GIF, so you can use it and display it in other applications.

What is the EMC file format

the EMC The file format is another file format that is newer than EMZ. It is part of Microsoft's Windows Metafile (WMF) file format. It is similar to SVG format because it can contain bitmap and vector graphics.

These files can be extracted with the help of utilities such as 7-Zip. However, it can not be run with 7-Zip because it is an archiver.

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