What Happens When You Unfollow Someone on Instagram

What Happens When You Unfollow Someone on Instagram

Instagram has no add friend option like the one on Facebook. You must follow the person to connect with them. However, the following is a one-way link on Instagram. We already know what happens when you follow someone on Instagram. But what are the consequences of not following someone? Find the answer in this article.

Instagram offers many ways to avoid someone. These include restricting, blocking, cutting, hiding and no longer tracking. Although the blocking is severe and easily identifiable, unsubscribing is a mild way to stop seeing someone on your feed. But does it affect your messages, messages, likes and other things?

Let’s find out the answer by delving deep into what happens after unsubscribing someone on Instagram.

What is unsubscribed on Instagram

Unsubscribing on Instagram means stopping following someone. Now when you follow someone, their posts and stories appear in your Instagram feed. Unsubscribing is the opposite. When you no longer follow someone, their posts and stories stop appearing in your feed. But can you still see their messages? Then find the answer.

Unsubscribe on Instagram, which means 6

Are their messages visible after you have abandoned someone

Even if the posts and stories of the person you have not followed will not appear in your feed, whether you can still see their posts or not depends on private and public accounts.

If you don’t follow a private account, you can’t see their posts or stories even if you visit their profile. You will need to send a follow-up request to view the messages. Things are different for a public account. You can still see their posts by opening their Instagram profile. You don’t even have to log out.

When you unsubscribe someone on Instagram, can they see your posts

As mentioned earlier, churning is a one way street. So the other person can still see your messages, both in the feed and on the profile, even if you unsubscribe. They must unsubscribe from their side to no longer see your messages.

What happens to likes and comments

Your likes and comments will not go away if you don’t follow someone.

What happens to messages

Nothing happens to messages after you have abandoned someone. Your past messages will not disappear. Likewise, you can always DM the person and continue chatting with them.

Can you follow the person again

Yes. You can easily follow the person again. However, the person will be informed that you have followed them.

Can you cancel someone’s unsubscription

No. You can’t undo this without following them again.

Will someone be notified when you unsubscribe

No. Fortunately, that won’t happen for Instagram not sending out notifications when you’re no longer following someone. However, there are ways to find out if someone hasn’t followed you.

How to check if someone hasn’t followed you

You can do this easily by viewing your subscriber list. To do this, go to your Instagram profile screen and tap Followers. Use the search at the top to find the person who you think may not have followed you. If the person follows you, they will appear in the list with a Delete button next to them.

Unsubscribe on Instagram, which means 3

Unsubscribe on Instagram meaning 4a

Can you stop seeing someone on Instagram without abandoning them

If boring messages or stories are the only reason not to follow someone, you don’t need to take such a hard step. You can just turn them off.

Instagram offers a separate mute option for stories and posts. So you can either cut one of them, or both. Muting does a similar job without abandoning them. When you deactivate a person, you will not see their posts or stories on your feed. You will need to open the person’s profile (private and public) to view the stories and messages.

To turn off someone’s messages, tap the three-dot icon next to their message and select Mute. To cut a story, long press the story icon and select Mute.

Unsubscribing on Instagram means 1

Unsubscribe on Instagram, which means 2

Point: Find out how mute is different from hiding and blocking on Instagram.

How to get someone else to unsubscribe

Not following someone will not unsubscribe you. But what if you don’t want someone to follow you? You can do this by removing them from your Instagram subscriber list. Find out how to do it and what happens when you delete a subscriber from our dedicated post.

How to unsubscribe someone on Instagram

To do this, open their Instagram profile and tap the Next option. Select Unsubscribe from the menu.

Note: The method is the same whether the other person follows you or not.

Unsubscribe on Instagram, which means 5

Point: You can restrict a person on Instagram by following the steps above.

Troubleshoot: Instagram Always Shows The Following

After unsubscribing someone, if you still see Follow on their profile, here’s how to fix it and the reasons behind it.

Network problem

The main reason that sometimes you still see Follow on Instagram is because of network issues. This means that when you unsubscribed, there could have been a problem with your Internet, and that is why the request for non-follow-up was not accepted. Try again and it will work.

Sign out

You should try logging out of your Instagram account. Then reconnect. Hopefully the problem will be solved.

Don’t take unsubscription too seriously

You shouldn’t take it personally when someone follows you on Instagram, especially if it’s a stranger. Some people follow others just to gain subscribers and then unsubscribe.

In addition, there is no need to stop following someone if they have unsubscribed. If you like this person’s posts, you can continue to follow them. And that’s good, even if you don’t follow them.


Unsubscribing does not prevent others from sending you messages or viewing your messages. It’s the job. Find out how blocking differs from untracked and what it does on Instagram.

Last updated on February 19, 2020

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