Spydish will help you check and change Windows 10 Privacy Settings

Spydish Change Windows 10 Privacy

Windows 10 has a dedicated privacy setting, which details almost everything that can be changed to make sure data isn’t getting anywhere without your concern. Windows 10 comes with a set of presets that you can change. The problem with Windows 10’s privacy setting is that there are too many steps to manage it. This is where third-party privacy apps like Spydish comes on the scene.

Spydish helps change Windows 10 privacy settings

Spydish is a portable application that displays a list of all Windows 10 Privacy available in simple terms. It’s crucial. Most privacy settings are not easy to understand, and if you can read them all in an understandable language, managing them becomes much easier.

Like our Ultimate Windows Tweaker, this app displays the most critical Windows 10 privacy policies and performs a quick check. Active policies are marked with the status “Configured” as in the Group Policy Editor. Privacy policies that are not configured are displayed and users can change the status. The best part of this third party application is that it is easy to use and has no jargon to confuse users. You check against the policy to make it active and uncheck if you want to disable it.

Once you launch the app, it displays a list of essential privacy policies on the left side. On the right, you have access to the Analyze button. It will cycle through them all, and those that are essential and not configured are displayed. Those configured are marked with a green state.

If you want to know a little more about the privacy policy, hover your mouse over it, and it will reveal more details about it.

The Restore Policies button will set everything to default, that is, the settings that Windows comes with. Finally, if you make changes using the check boxes on the left side, use the Apply Policies button to confirm.

Here is the list of statuses offered by the application:

  • Analyze Determines which policies and settings are enabled and configured on your system or not. NO system change has been made yet!
  • Apply policies: this will activate all selected policies.
  • Restore policies: this will restore Windows 10 default policies.
  • Status> Configured: This indicates that your privacy is protected.
  • Status> Not configured: this indicates that the Windows 10 settings are in place.

If you’re looking for a light privacy policy app, Spydish gets a very high score, the policies are easy to understand, you can quickly go back and even go back to the defaults.

Download from GitHub. Always a good idea to create a system restore point first!

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Spydish Change Windows 10 Privacy

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