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How to restore old WhatsApp chats without Google Drive

restore whatsapp

Suppose you bought a new Android smartphone and want to restore old WhatsApp messages from the previous device. The app provides a fairly practical functionality to do so. All you have to do is enter your mobile device and WhatsApp will offer the option to restore your latest backup from Google Drive. But what if […]

This trick easily bypasses WhatsApp’s Read Receipt feature

whatsapp read receipt

The blue checkmark feature of Facebook’s instant messaging app is under debate. While some people welcome this decision, others see it as an invasion of their privacy. For this last group of users, WhatsApp provides a practical tool in the form of reading receipts. This feature has made its way to WhatsApp since 2014 and […]

3 Methods to Send WhatsApp Messages to Yourself

send whatsapp messages

You might come across an interesting message and you want to save it. Or you have a message that you need to send at a later date and time. Likewise, you are in a professional configuration and must send the same set of messages to your customers. In all of these scenarios, you have two […]

WhatsApp Dark Mode now Available in the Beta Build

whatsapp beta dark mode

After playing the hide-and-seek game for a while now, WhatsApp has finally welcomed the dark mode. Although there was already a workaround to activate dark mode, this however required a rooted Android device. In addition, a bug or two have also recently surfaced, which partially activated this mode. But now dark mode is officially available […]

Mysterious WhatsApp Bug Let’s You Enable Dark Mode (No Root)

whatsapp dark mode bug

A few days ago we mentioned a detailed guide on how to activate dark mode on WhatsApp. The steps were fairly easy and the application was quickly adopted. Everything, straight from the chat screen to the Settings page, has been perfectly optimized with this dark mode. The only thing that could have prevented some of […]

How to Make a WhatsApp Voice or Video Call via Google Assistant

whatsapp google assistant

The Google Assistant is more than just looking for your queries. From setting up a reminder to playing videos on YouTube, everything is planned. In addition, its integration with various third-party messaging applications has proven to be a boon for many users. Recently, we covered an article on how you can use the wizard to […]

WhatsApp Updates the Group Privacy Feature

whatsapp privacy updates

Consent is something that rarely applies to the technical part of the world. And WhatsApp is not inclined to that too. Everyone can easily add you to their groups. They do not even need to be in your contacts. Agree, WhatsApp provides an easy way out of the group. But the idea of ​​being initially […]

How to Customize WhatsApp Notifications (Contacts, Groups & App)

customize whatsapp notifications

Whether you want to set custom notification tones for each contact or customize WhatsApp group notifications, we're here for you. In addition, the WhatsApp notification tips below will also help you manage and control every aspect of application notifications, including flashing LEDs, lockscreen notifications for WhatsApp, and more. Read on to find out how to […]

How to Directly Share WhatsApp Status to Facebook

share whatsapp status to facebook

It looks like WhatsApp is now in a version with new features. After incorporating the fingerprint unlocking feature, it was announced that it now allowed the sending of endangered messages. And now, the Facebook-owned IM application has added another important feature to its arsenal. It provided the ability to directly share your WhatsApp status on […]

How to Add Telegram Stickers to WhatsApp

Telegram Stickers on WhatsApp

Before WhatsApp introduced the sticker packs into its application, Telegram had already jumped on this train. Although WhatsApp has pre-installed stickers, we never feel satisfied. If you've been using Telegram for a long time, you may know what I'm talking about. Therefore, if you still want to use these Telegram stickers, but you can not […]