Why People Love To Collect Lapel Pins As a Hobby?

Why People Love To Collect Lapel Pins As a Hobby?

People like to collect for several reasons. Would you also like to have a small item that will be worth $ 100,000 after a while? Yes, most people make money from fundraising. However, there are people who just love it and see it all as a hobby that they pursue out of love. So it is above all an individual thing. While some build a collection that preserves value and increases it over time, others love the feeling of finding a rare item and completing their collection. Lapel pins are one example. Today this activity is very popular.

If you don’t understand why people enjoy this hobby, read on and find out what we have to tell you about it. First of all, keep in mind that these are all items, but some of them are special. People who collect it find inner peace in this hobby.

History of pin collecting

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Of course, there isn’t a single historical moment that would mark the beginning of this hobby. However, we can say that the beginnings of pin collecting were recorded in the 19th century and this is characteristic of the sports of curling. There are also facts which say that pins existed even earlier in Egypt. The object was created following the need to create decorative filigree pins. At that time, this type of art was very popular and widely represented.

When we go back a few hundred years, we can turn to the Greeks who used powdered glass, and this is important because this process has been of great benefit in creating the watermark designs. After that, traces of pins are also noticed under Yuan Dynasty. The Chinese perfected the works and after that they spread to other continents. Today we are seeing lapel pins that are widely produced in all cultures. There are several types and some of them really take us back to the historical facts mentioned earlier with their design.

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How can I collect pins?

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If after all of this you are interested in starting a hobby like this and you don’t know where to start, we have some tips for you. Explore a few ideas that already exist and use them for inspiration. The choice of models is endless and start with simpler examples and you will surely find unique ones along the way. Learn more about the categories and let yourself be guided. Keeping records is also a great thing that we recommend, and that applies to existing pins.

In addition, there are manufacturers from whom you can order enamel pins of your choice. If you are interested, visit www.enamelpins.com and find out what information you need to provide to the manufacturer to get personalized hard enamel pins with no minimum orders. This is great because you don’t have to order, say, 50 pieces, which is too much for you.

Why do people like to collect pins as a hobby?


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We believe that each of you has received or purchased at least once an enamel pin from someone. This has always been perhaps the easiest way to decorate certain clothes and make them at least a little more attractive. For example, it is very popular to use as many of these small items as possible to decorate your favorite denim or leather biker jacket. Either way, these are great accessories wherever you place them because you can find them in different forms. So some people definitely have this in mind when collecting enamel pins.

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Because they are looking for the most authentic look that will make their garment stand out to the fullest, they are starting to understand this as a hobby. In this way, this activity becomes a very important part of their daily life.

Variety of designs

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When we talk about their specificity and diversity, we should not forget a few well-known examples of these topics. This refers to the enamel pin in the shape of your favorite hero, celebrity, game character, etc. This is why they are adored by people who love to read and collect comics. However, the comic book days are behind us and smart apps are more popular today. For this reason, they are mostly different emojis or popular memes. However, there are a large number of choices where you can find an enamel pin of any shape.

Whether you are a member of the Gothic subculture or want to decorate a child’s jacket with a cartoon character, there is no limit to creativity. So there are some darker enamel pins and a lot of others like the ones used by teenagers, fashion savvy people, punks… They adapt to everyone’s style and that’s why people love them.

Business opportunity

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So it should be remembered that individual items have exceptional value or even some groups of those items. Many collectors and people with experience or knowledge know this. That is why they understood this as a hobby that they can earn a lot from while enjoying the whole process. In addition to recognizing this activity as something of interest, they also recognized other benefits associated with the enamel pin.

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We mainly mean their small dimensions which make them very flexible and easy to transport. Therefore, it is functional equipment that you can very easily transport, collect, trade or display. There is also a wide variety among them, and some are very rare and that makes them more expensive. However, by specializing in a certain area of ​​interest, you can attract a large number of people, and it is a great way to enter the world of collectors.


People all over the world collect and collect anything that can be of value. Whether the motive is monetary or emotional in nature, they are extremely consistent with their hobby. People who don’t share an interest with them sometimes just can’t understand the root of it all. And so they remain completely unclear for this group of people. We hope we’ve helped you find out more about the reason behind their immense passion for this type of hobby.

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