How to block adults websites in Windows 10

DNS Services to Block Adult Sites

Adult content is difficult to lock, especially when there are many. While there are many ways to do this, including security and antivirus solutions, we are talking today about DNS Services at Block adult sites. The only difficulty is to make sure that nobody can change it with the permission of the administrator. As these are not software, but a set of IP addresses, they can not be deleted as easily. In this article, we will share the list of DNS services to block adult sites.

Block adult sites on Windows 10

These websites offer an IP that acts as a filter on the DNS. Whenever a website is viewed, they check if it has been marked for adult activities. If so, access to the site is blocked. You can block adult sites on Windows 10 using the following DNS services:

  1. Open the DNS Family Shield
  2. Clean up the navigation
  3. Secure DNS of the NeuStar family
  4. DNS for the family
  5. Yandex

To configure all of them, you must configure the IP addresses in the DNS field of the adapter or router. You will need to access a router or computer where you can enter them. When using the computer, you will need administrator privileges.

They can also be configured on smartphones to prevent children access even when they use mobile data. Android offers the ability to configure IP settings in the advanced section. The configuration may vary from one phone to the other.

1) Open the DNS Family Shield

OpenDNS name servers are designed to filter all adult content. If someone tries to access it, it is blocked. The OpenDNS FamilyShield name servers are:


Make sure to check for everything changes here. Once you have made the changes to the Ethernet card or router, visit the website. home page to check if the changes have been applied correctly.

If the home page or the test page displays an error, be sure to restart the router and the computer. This will ensure that there is no caching of the DNS IP address anywhere.

2) Clean up the navigation

Clean Browsing offers three types of filters: Security, Adult, and Family. Although Adult Filter only blocks adult domains, search engines are set to safe mode and Security Filter, Family goes even further. It establishes VPNs; Adult mixed content blocked, Youtube in safe mode with adult filter.

  • Security filter: Malicious domains blocked (phishing, malware).
  • Adult filter: Domains for adults blocked; Search engines are in safe mode; + Security filter
  • Families filter: Proxies, VPN and mixed content for blocked adults; Youtube in safe mode; + Adult filter

They offer three content filters via Pv4 and IPv6 via standard ports 53 and 5353. DNS on TLS is available on port 853 and DNScrypt on port 8443.

Make sure you visit their website for detailed information and DNS IP range. They also offer custom filters or DNS firewalls, but it will cost you at least $ 5 a month.

3) Secure DNS of the NeuStar family

It is designed for families who do not want children to have access to advanced content including games of chance, pornography, violence and hate / discrimination.

  • IPv4:,
  • IPv6: 2610: a1: 1018 :: 3, 2610: a1: 1019 :: 3

Enter this configuration into the DNS entries of your computer or router, and reboot it once. After that, try visiting an adult website and check if the DNS service has blocked it. More about it here.

4) DNS for the family

DNS for Family is a well-designed website that offers a free DNS IP address to configure on the network. They aim to block websites considered pornographic. The good thing is that they do not block social websites such as YouTube, Facebook and others.

You can use the following DNS servers provided by DNS for Family:

IPv4 DNS servers:

  1. 94130180225

IPv6 DNS servers:

  1. 2a01: 4f8: 1c0c: 40db :: 1
  2. 2a01: 4f8: 1c17: 4df8 :: 1

It also works with DNSCrypt. To copy the keys that you can use, please find the details on the official site.

5) Yandex

Yandex has more than 80 DNS servers located in different cities and countries. The company is well known for its antivirus solution and uses its experience to filter these websites. It offers three types of DNS

Basic DNS, fast and reliable

Secure DNS which offers protection against viruses and fraudulent content

DNS of the family that filters all adult content

More details are available on the official site.

We hope that the services were easy to configure on your router or computer and that you were able to block access to adult websites and keep your children at bay.

POINT: You can also use the free DNS Angel software to lock unsecured websites and inappropriate content

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