Windows Firewall and third party Firewall are both turned off

Fix Windows Firewall and third party firewall are turned off error

Windows 10 comes with the Windows Firewall ready for use and at the same time allows you to install and run a third party firewall. These firewalls work independently to block suspicious actions on your computer. But after installing Windows 10, some users report getting a notification at startup saying:

Windows Firewall and Firewalls are both disabled; press or click to see the available options.

This error is due to unknown reasons. However, when checked manually, there is no problem with the firewall software and they are enabled normally.

Windows firewall and third-party firewall are disabled

If your Windows firewall and a third-party firewall like Comodo, McAfee, etc. are both disabled in Windows 10, follow these steps to resolve the problem:

  1. Check the support services required.
  2. Uninstall and reinstall the third-party firewall.

1] Enable all support services

Open the Windows Service Manager.

Find the named service Windows Defender firewall.

Make sure his Startup type is about to be Automatic and that the service is Operation. Otherwise, click on the button beginning button.

Also make sure that the status of the following services is as follows and that they are running:

  • Xbox Live Network Service – Manual
  • Basic filtering engine – automatic

Now start the firewall and see. That should have made this mistake disappear.

2] Uninstall and reinstall the third-party firewall

An error with the compatibility of the installation of Windows 10 and the third-party firewall can trigger false alarms of this type.

In this case, you have a limited set of methods to resolve the error.

The best thing to do is uninstall the third-party firewall and get the latest version from its official website to install it like any other Windows 10-based software.

This will correct any incompatibility of installation between the firewall and the operating system.

Good luck!

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