Windows Registry Recovery lets you recover Registry Configuration from crashed computers

Windows Registry Recovery lets you recover Registry Configuration from crashed computers

Do you have a broken Windows computer at your disposal? Well, there are many ways to recover your data and information. But if it is a rather old computer, it can be difficult to recover everything. The tool we are talking about in this article could help you recover some of it, namely the Windows registry. Windows registry recovery is a free software that can help your recovery system to recover. This tool reads the registry hives and converts them to REGEDIT4 format. Read on to learn more about this tool.

Windows registry recovery

Before you begin, you must know what a registry hive is and how this tool works. According to the Microsoft Windows Development Center:

A hive is a logical group of keys, subkeys, and values ​​in the registry that contains a set of supporting files that contain backups of its data.

Whenever a new user logs on to a computer, a new directory is created for that user with a separate file for the user profile. This is called the user profile hive. A user's hive contains specific registry information about its application settings, desktop, environment, network connections, and printers. The user profile hives are under the HKEY_USERS key.

In short, a registry hive is a disk-based file where Windows stores your computer's registry as a backup. So, in case of a computer crash, you can simply use its hard drive to extract the registry values ​​with the help of Windows Registry Recovery.

Windows registry recovery can read files containing all Windows versions of registry hives. It extracts a lot of useful information about the Windows installation settings of the host machine.

The registry recovery process is quite simple. Simply connect the hard drive of the failed computer to another computer and run this tool. You should now locate the registry hives in this drive and open them with Windows registry recovery.

Once the file is open, you can preview all the information it contains. You can view essential information about the file. Or you can view the information and configuration of the Windows installation. You can check which programs were installed and what was the hardware card when the computer broke down. In addition, you can even view network configuration, firewall settings, host computer users, and more. The tool allows you to visualize every corner of the hive in a very organized manner.

By switching to the export function, you can export the entire directory in REGEDIT4 format. REGEDIT4 is just a more nuclear and modern way to save registry backups. It can be directly merged with the Windows registry with the help of the Windows registry editor. So, if you want to restore the registry configuration on your host computer, that's the solution. Or you can simply save the backup for future reference.

Windows Registry Recovery is an excellent tool that can help a lot of people in trouble after a computer crash. The registry is an integral part of Windows computers and it is often necessary to back it up or recover it. This tool works with hives of all versions of Windows, from Windows 9x to Windows 10. Moreover, it is free.

You can download Windows Registry Recovery from its home page.

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