Windows Update Offline Installer encountered an error 0x8007000d, Data is invalid

Windows Update Offline Installer encountered an error 0x8007000d, Data is invalid

When you run a Windows Update Offline installation program if you receive an error message The installer has encountered an error 0x8007000d, the data is invalid; so this post may be able to help you. This error usually occurs when a user can not install a cumulative update through Windows Update, download and try to run the offline install program.

Cumulative Updates (CUs) are mandatory updates that your device automatically downloads and installs each month via Windows Update, usually every Tuesday of every month (aka Tuesday Patch). the monthly schedule.

CUs are maintenance updates designed to fix bugs, errors, fix security vulnerabilities and improve reliability with the current version of Windows 10. Their size increases every month, their nature being cumulative, each update includes the changes available in the previous version. updates. As a result, this cumulative approach reduces the number of issues and the number of updates that you need to download to your device. These updates download and install faster than feature updates because they are smaller packages and do not require a complete reinstallation of the operating system.

As noted above, CUs are provided by default via Windows Update. For one reason or another, you may not be able to automatically download and install the current cumulative update. Therefore, to be able to download and install critical updates that fail through Windows Update, you must go to the Microsoft Update Catalog and download the offline / standalone installer from the update to the update. help from the KB number. This is one of the troubleshooting steps you can take when downloading and installing updates fails.

Now, after downloading the installer offline and attempting to install it, some users receive an error message and the associated error code:

The installer has encountered an error: 0x8007000d, the data is invalid

The most common cause of this error message is the corruption of the downloaded installer.

To resolve this problem The installer has encountered an error 0x8007000d, the data is invalid problem; you will need to check the digital certificate on the file. If it is invalid, you will need to download the file again.

Right click on the installer and select properties.

Click on Digital Signature tongue.

Select one of the digital signatures. If more than one is listed, select the only one, preferably the strictest one. SHA512 is stricter than SHA256, which is stricter than SHA1.

Click on Details.

At the top of the Details of the digital signature dialog box, under the General tongue. If it does not say This digital signature is OK, and then download the installation program again.

If you see a message This digital signature is OK, first launch Microsoft Windows Update Troubleshooter, then download the installer and retry with the new installer.

We hope this article will help you resolve the Windows Update Offline Installer has encountered an error 0x8007000d, the data is invalid problem on your Windows 10 computer.

This message will help you troubleshoot error code 0x8007000D activation, system restore or Windows system restore.

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