Best free Compass apps for Windows 10

Precision compass

It's the generation of travelers, explorers, free birds and bloggers. People want to explore new places on their own. They do not want the interruption of a travel guide or a team of strangers. This is why the dependence on GPS navigation and compass has increased.

Best Free Compass Apps for Windows 10

We need reliable maps and compasses to get where we want to go. Here are ten amazing compass apps for Windows 10. Some of them are more than a compass. They all have very useful features that are useful during a trip.

  1. GPX Viewer and Recorder
  2. Fast Compass
  3. Jack of tools
  4. Compass A
  5. Military compass
  6. Compass 10
  7. Fast compass
  8. Compass App
  9. Magnetic compass
  10. Precision compass.

1) GPX Viewer and Recorder

This is a very popular application among Windows 10 users. Download the application directly from Microsoft the shop if you are a traveler. Enjoy four useful modes of the application. One is a simple compass synchronized with your card. Another is the one that helps you draw a route on a map for navigation. A third mode allows you to navigate without drawing a map. The fourth mode allows you to replay a previously saved route.

2) fast compass

Compass Apps for Windows 10

This is a totally different application with the same name. Do not confuse us. The application is lighter than the other Quick Compass application. It takes about 600 MB of storage. You will find the application right here. You must have a device compatible with the compass sensor to use this application.

3) Jack of tools

Jack of tools

Jack of Tools is also developed by This application contains essential tools such as altimeter, speedometer, 1D and 2D floating levels and a very accurate compass. You can easily access all these tools at the touch of a button. You can calibrate geographic locations, mark new labels, and find your way to any location. Download the application from Microsoft the shop experience the most convenient and systematic union of technology and travel.

4) Compass One

Compass A

Compass One comes with a built-in magnetic needle. You can switch between Needle mode and Title mode, whichever you find easier to understand. You can also switch between a hybrid card and a normal card mode. This application comes with a chart of backgrounds, themes and support tiles. Download the application directly from Microsoft the shop and enjoy a versatile compass app.

5) Military compass

Military compass

A fairly simple application, the military compass virtually transforms your device into a military compass. You can easily find the north of any place. You can set the direction you want to draw. Download this application right right here. It's absolutely free. This app has been the favorite of those who like to stay simple.

6) Compass 10

Compass 10

Compass 10 is an Alphawolf software production. It works on the GPS of your device. Download this app for free from Microsoft the shop. Enjoy features such as the GPS Compass, the Speedo GPS and the "Where Am I?" Feature. You have the choice between six different compasses. This app is ideal for devices with an integrated GPS system or a reliable compass.

7) fast compass

Fast compass

Swift Compass works with both the GPS and the compass sensor device. It shows latitude and longitude. It also shows the altitude. This app also serves as a speedometer when you are traveling. Download this versatile application right right here. BeetRoot Software Inc. is assured that the application has a user-friendly interface. This is useful when exploring a new place. If you are lost, Swift Compass will guide you home or further, no matter which way you want to go.

8) Compass App

Compass App

Developed by Gishtaki, this simple compass app depends on the compass sensor of the device. It shows your direction relative to magnetic north. The accuracy of this application strongly depends on the accuracy of the sensors of the device. What you get from the app is the ease of use. Download this application from Microsoft the shop and enjoy features like instant view, magnification, or rotation.

9) Magnetic compass

Magnetic compass

This is yet another simple compass that you can download for free from the Microsoft website. the shop. This app also works on the compass sensor of the device. Published by Lacko Luboslav, this application was released in October 2013. It was popular at the time, but some people now prefer complex applications for compasses. If you prefer a simple and light compass, this one is for you.

10) precision compass

Precision compass

Precision Compass is yet another lightweight magnetic compass app that helps you find your way. This MB.NET software application has the geolocation feature. This application has been in the Microsoft the shop for three years now. The user interface is very simple and fluid. Download this application for Windows 10. Never worry again to get lost.

All these applications have several essential features. Choose one or more according to your needs. They are free anyway. Most of them are light. So you can have several compass apps if you like it.

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