Yammer Tips and Tricks for the power user

Group Insights In Yammer

whimper is a group management and conversation tool from Microsoft. You can use it to track conversions of your business or a small business in the same place. If you've used a forum before, it looks a lot like it. Here are our best yammer tips and tricks.

Yammer tips and tricks

Yammer can play a vital role in businesses and small businesses. Instead of sending hundreds of emails between people creating an endless messenger tree, it's best to have a conversation tool.

  1. Quick access to keyboard shortcuts
  2. Main question and answers
  3. Follow all with bookmarks
  4. Add topics
  5. Group overview
  6. Find useful applications
  7. Manage files

1) Quick access to keyboard shortcuts

When you are anywhere on Yammer, with the exception of the conversation box, press the "?" Key on the keyboard to display shortcuts that you can use. So, for example, when you press "/", it will switch to a text box for searching the entire site. Similarly, when you press "r", it will respond to the current message, and so on.

2) Main question and answers

Yammer tips and tricks

Yammer has recently implemented a Q & A feature very similar to that of Microsoft Answers. When you want to find an answer to your query. To do this, choose Question instead of update. Post that it works as any forum.

You can mark an answer as the best answer, sort unanswered questions, add bookmark responses, add a topic to a thread, and more. Questions and answers are also available in Yammer's live events so participants can choose to ask a question or make a comment.

3) Follow everything with bookmarks

Bookmark conversation after yammer

When you find something valuable in the Yammer conversation, save it to your favorites. This is the de facto method to follow everything in Yammer. Similar to the way we bookmark web pages, except that you also get an answer when there is something new.

Click on the three points of a conversation to open the context menu. then choose a bookmark. You can see all the favorites under your profile.

That said, when you save a bookmarked conversation, you begin to follow the thread. So, if someone answers, you will be notified. Sometimes these answers can be overwhelming and it's best to stop following conversations. The option is available in the same place.

4) Add topics to the group conversation between groups

Add tasks to the conversation

Yammer is all about the conversation, and it's not easy to keep all the favorites. If you have multiple discussions on the same topic or similar topic, you can add tags to them. His called Topics in Yammer.

For any answer or conversation start, click the three dots, and then click Add Subject. At first glance, you may think that you are tagging a particular discussion, but then it will mark the entire conversation. It's a bit annoying, but it's a great way to mark a conversation in different places. You can follow all the topics under the link https://www.yammer.com/site-name/topics

5) Group overview

If you participate in a group conversation or if you manage a large group, information can help you understand the activity of a group. The image below shows the number of liked conversations, read messages, and so on. This is especially useful when organizing a live event for a group.

Group overview at Yammer

Yammer offers the opportunity to participate in a conversation by email, but tries again to tire e-mails.

6) Find useful applications

Yammer has its application store, which allows you to integrate third-party applications to yammer. Some are free, while others are available for trial. Make sure to look in the application directory and see if there is anything useful.

If you use Microsoft Office 365, you can add Yammer to Microsoft teams.

7) Add your documents and images

Yammer File Location

You can download and manage documents, images in Yammer. If you connect with Sharepoint, you can also access and share documents from it. If you keep all the crucial documents on Yammer, you will not have to worry about finding them.

Group owners can find all the files loaded in the group in one place. Individual users can find a list of files in their profile section. Administrators, on the other hand, can find all the files right here.

Although Yammer offers many features, it is still in its infancy. At present, it is a conversion tool that helps you get rid of tons of emails.

Let us know if these tips and tricks from Yammer have been helpful.

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