10 best useful free Twitter bots to follow

Best Free Twitter bots you should follow

It's amazing how Twitter handles millions of tweets, trends, direct messages and more at the same time. The social microblogging network has become a popular platform for publishing and interacting via messages called "tweets". Specialized services such as Twitter robots further reinforce the platform's usefulness. A Twitter bot is a type of bot software that controls a Twitter account via the Twitter API. Today we are looking at some of the best free software Twitter Bots to follow.

Best free Twitter bots to follow

Twitter robots, as we know them, help users manage their daily tasks online, such as publishing automated tweets, tweet reminders, calendars, and more. Here is a list of 10 free Twitter robots that you can follow.

  1. @_grammar_
  2. @nice_tips_bot
  3. @GooogleFactss
  4. @TwoHeadlines
  5. @netflix_bot
  6. @DearAssistant
  7. @WhatTheFare
  8. @Timer
  9. @dscovr_epic
  10. @DownloaderBot

Twitter Bots are generally considered spam. However, they are not all bad. Some really help to make the internet a better place.

1) @_grammar_

You can go beyond the standard grammar proofers by following grammar font. The Twitter bot can detect tweets whose use of grammar is incorrect, then suggest solutions. If you are a social network addict, this bot is the right choice for you.

2) @nice_tips_bot

We rarely worry about following simple tips in our life that can help us develop good habits. Nice Tips Bot is a robot that tweets several times a day useful life tips that can help you improve and follow the right approach in life.

3) @GooogleFactss

The first thought that strikes us when we can not find the answer to a question is to search for it on Google. Google Facts Twitter bot has a similar use. You can use his service to learn new things every day.

4) @TwoHeadlines

Time and time again, the crux of the problem can be understood in its entirety, just by reading the title. But what if you choose two unrelated titles and overwrite them at random? Interested to find his result ?? Simply follow TwoHeadlines! The bot mixes the titles of two separate topics and tweets the result. Warning! It can make you laugh on the floor.

5) @netflix_bot

Netflix controls most of the streaming TV viewing. If you are a Netflix user, you can choose to keep up to date with the latest Netflix information by following the Netflix bot. It tweets new versions of Netflix Instant as soon as they happen.

6) @DearAssistant

Dubbed as a mini version of Siri, the Twitter bot can answer your questions, as will the Apple Voice Assistant, Siri, and others like Google Now or Cortana. A good feature of @DearAssistant is that it is an open-source project. As such, everyone can benefit from it.

7) @WhatTheFare

It's a Uber bot that can help you find or estimate the price of your trip. All you have to do is tweet your start and end points and the bot will automatically calculate your Uber rate!

8) @Timer

Set the time via this bot to remind you of things such as time of meetings, visiting a place and others. The bot really simplifies setting a timer, as this should not be a chore. 5 minutes is the minimum time you can set. Timer 3.0 is coming soon!

9) @dscovr_epic

A better way to start your day apart from sipping coffee is to admire breathtaking images. You can follow this bot that broadcasts some of the most beautiful images of the Earth, captured by NASA's DSCOVR satellite. The pictures have a description next to the time and place information.

10) @DownloaderBot

For those who prefer to download videos for offline viewing, @DownloaderBot is one of the best creations. It helps you to easily download videos and Twitter gifs. Just mention @DownloaderBot in a tweet containing a video or a gif and the bot will come back with the link to download in a few seconds.

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