5 Common Mistakes That Fresh Hackers Make

Starting as a novice in hacking can be a lot of fun, but there are some common mistakes that most people make. If you are reading this, then you have the unique advantage of avoiding these mistakes when you are still news. The following five points will tell you what not to do in your journey to become a real hacker.

1. If you see a website offering hacking software or offering to hack email credentials for money, avoid them. These websites are just scams and will not work.

2. Software that claims to hack giants like Google, Facebook, Yahoo and others is a hoax. There is no software available. You can get hacked trying to get them.

3. Do not use keyloggers and Trojans found as freeware online. These programs are not meant to be free and you will give your own computer access to another hacker.

4. The programming and scripting languages ​​are very important parts of the arsenal of any hacker. If you plan to use software only, you will also be limited by the features of the software.

5. A good hacker is a good programmer, a security expert, a developer and a good writer. This is not usually the opposite. You need to know it for cross-site scripts like P

So, hacking is not just about making your way around websites and leaving your mark. You have a large number of talents and you can also get the best jobs in the industry.

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