Basic Guide For Installing Cracked Software’s

Many users are facing a problem when installing cracked software and in most cases the problem associated with software that is not activated is the same. I've therefore decided to write a general guide for installing cracked software that will work in most cases. So, before you complain that a crack / keygen / patch is not working, make sure you read the steps below and follow them every time you install cracked software

Important: – Read the installation instructions if they are provided. Most software checks for license validation from the Internet are therefore the first and most important step, the internet connection and the software will not have the chance to check the license key for the moment.

Install the software and do not launch it: After disconnecting the Internet installation software, but remember not to open it, in most cases the application end software to launch the program so be sure to uncheck it. In case the program automatically starts closing it using the task manager.

Application Crack / Keygen / Patch: –

Crack / Fix: – In case of Crack / Fixes we usually need to copy the crack content into the installation directory, Keygen: – In the case of Keygen either you must first patch the software using patch and then apply the keys generated by keygen to activate the program or in some cases, the software is activated directly with the keys provided by keygen. If the fix is ​​needed before using the keygen, read instruction 3.3 below:

Patch: – In case of fix, it is very important to run the fix with Run in as an administrator like patching modifies the program and in most cases for that. Make sure you run it as an administrator.

Host Edit / Firewall: – Well, by following the steps above, your software will probably be activated but if you activate the internet, your software might give you a license check error. the program to access the Internet by adding inbound and outbound rules in the firewall and blocking its access.
To add rules to host all the information will be provided in the installation instructions, if no instructions to add rules to the hosts file is provided program to access it. Windows Firewall help with advanced security.

One More Situation: – Sometimes we have software that are intended to use the Internet in this case, we can not block its access to the Internet because it will become useless, so In this case, if you know which files are used to check the licenses, make sure that these files are read-only so that the Internet can not modify the details of the license exe file of the program Read-only
Note: – In some cases, this trick can work and in some cases will not work.

Last step before starting Internet: – Do not be in a hurry to start the Internet, open your program first and make sure it is enabled and working well, so if after activating the Internet if that does not work we can assume that the internet is affecting the program and we can try to find a solution for that.

Activate Internet: – Well, if everything works fine, you are free to start the Internet and your software should no longer be affected by the Internet.

The entire method mentioned above will increase the likelihood that Cracked Software will work, but in some cases you may be disappointed. the methods mentioned above may not work in certain situations.

I have done my best to cover all the possible steps if I miss a step, do not hesitate to let me know so that I can add it.

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