8 Best Stop Dog Barking Apps for Android

We have all been bothered at least once in our lives by the barking of a dog, whether it be ours, that of our neighbor or just a stray dog. It is natural for dogs to bark, whine, moan or groan, as it is their primary natural means of voice communication with humans. Barking is generally not arbitrary and may have a variety of different reasons.

Dogs generally bark to help you meet any of their physical, emotional or environmental needs. They may be hungry, thirsty, hot, cold, or in pain. They may also be bored, lonely or suffer from separation anxiety. Barking can be triggered by environmental signals such as other barking dogs, honking cars or strangers walking nearby, as well as due to improper confinement and restrictive attachment.

Identifying the root cause and eradicating it by responding to your dog’s needs would most likely solve your dog’s normal barking problem. For this type of barking, a dog training app that allows you to spend productive time with your dog might do the trick.

Here are our choices:

1. Dog Training & Clicker App by Dogo

(4.8 / 5 rating, 1M + downloads)

This app helps you teach your dog over 100 useful commands and over 70 cool tricks. It’s like a community of dog owners where they can share tips and tricks on training their dogs while participating in fun challenges and competitions. It’s a fun way to interact with your dog and help him to release his energy in a healthy and productive way, thus meeting his need for attention and reducing the discomfort and anxiety that could result from a lack of activity. The app also includes a clicker that will help you train your dog 40% faster and more efficiently. There is also a lesson you may want to find out how to train your dog to be quiet when prompted.

Conversely, excessive barking is considered a behavioral problem because it is not necessarily specific to an occasion, which makes it a little more difficult to manage. A quick fix to prevent a dog from barking is to use a dog whistle. It emits higher frequencies than those detected by the human ear (up to 23kHZ) and only heard by dogs because they have a stronger sense of hearing (up to 45kHZ).

The frequency of most dog whistles ranges from 23 kHz to 54 kHz. They should not be used excessively or at excessively high frequencies as the slight discomfort they cause dogs can turn into real pain. Whistle applications for dogs, in general, tend to have a limit of 22 kHz, although some reach 25 kHz or even 32 kHz. However, when it comes to barking a neighbor’s dog, using Bluetooth speakers could be more effective. Here are some of the best Android apps for whistling dogs:

2. Dog Whistle – High Frequency Dog Trainer by Epsilon Ventures

(4/5 note, 1M + downloads)

All you need to know about this app is its name. It is a simple whistle emitting frequencies up to 22 kHz.

3. Dog Whistle – High Frequency Generator by Tech Arena Apps

(Note 4.1 / 5, 500k downloads)

This whistle allows you to transmit frequencies up to 22 kHz and to choose the duration of these frequencies ranging from 0.1 seconds to infinity. You can also save your preferred settings after finding the one that best suits the target dog. There is also a clicker which can be useful for teaching your dog new tricks.

4. Sonic sound wave generator with all sounds by Fire Shooters

(4.8 / 5 rating, 100k + downloads)

This application generates frequencies up to 25 kHz. It’s easy to use because you just have to swipe up or down to change the frequencies. It has a wide range of uses, from developing musical instruments and testing audio equipment to stopping a barking dog.

5. His anti dog by Himuslares

(3.6 / 5 rating, 100k + downloads)

This application allows you to test different volumes and frequencies up to 22 kHz. It is quite easy to use by pressing a button and a simple sliding button to adjust the frequency.

6. Barking Dog Responder by Artsakenos

(3.8 / 5 rating, 50k + downloads)

This app automatically detects annoying sounds, whether from a barking dog or a snoring partner, and generates a sound of your choice – you can even record your own! – to be sent each time it is triggered. You can adjust the sensitivity of the application so that it responds to the lightest sound and is only triggered by loud noise.

Pro tip: You can search for different frequencies on YouTube and save them in the app, then pair your phone with a Bluetooth speaker and let it do the rest. You can even use it to prank your friends, scare birds or even find your lost phone by yelling at it and making it answer. The possibilities are limitless.

7. Stop Dog Bark: Anti Dog Barking Whistle by Tools Apps Hub

(Note 4.4 / 5, 10k + downloads)

This application allows you to choose the animal you want to repel – rat, cat or dog – and not only to test frequencies up to 20 kHz, but also to record the ones that work best. There is a tab dedicated to the frequencies you have saved for easier and faster access and another tab full of barking sounds of dogs of different breeds to test.

8. Anti-Dog Whistle – Train Your Dog by Wise Tech Apps

(4.1 / 5 rating, 10k + downloads)

It is an ultrasonic dog whistle that emits frequencies up to 32 kHz that only dogs can hear to get their attention and distract them from barking. You can adjust the frequency, volume and range as needed. You may need to tinker with the frequencies to see which one works best with the barking dog. The app also includes different training sounds such as toys and clickers that can help you train your dog. An additional feature of the app is to have a range of different dog barking sounds that you can test to play with your dog, prank your friends or even scare off an intruder.

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