Add animated text and images to your GIF using GIFnText

Add animated text and images to your GIF using GIFnText

There is nothing more fun than sharing a GIF while chatting online. We have been doing this for a very long time, but GIFs have managed to generalize in recent years and we are very happy with it. Since this imaging platform is so popular, we assume that some of you will want to add animated texts to your GIFs. However, you don’t know how to do it, so we’ve found an interesting way to get you on the right track.

Have you ever heard of GIFnText? Probably not, but now you do. It is an online tool that allows the user to add animated texts to their GIFs. Not only that, but the option is also there to add animated images, which is great for splicing your potentially viral GIF. The online GIF editing tool allows you to:

  • Add moving text to a GIF
  • Add captions or subtitles to a GIF
  • Crop, resize and reverse a GIF
  • Add animated images to a GIF
  • Control when text appears on a GIF
  • Customize the color and outline of the text
  • Animate the image or text added on each frame of a GIF
  • Speed ​​up and slow down a GIF
  • Edit and trim the start and end images of a GIF

Because Gifntext is online, you will need an Internet connection to download images, download and use the tool in general. It is quite simple from our point of view, therefore, we doubt that you are having a lot of trouble understanding how it works.

How to add animated text and images to your GIF

The procedure for adding animated text and images to your GIF using GIFnText is simple:

  1. Download and add text
  2. Download and add an image
  3. Change when objects appear
  4. GIF overview
  5. Complete the project

1]Download and add text

The first step is to upload your GIF to the editing area. You can either copy and paste the URL of the content, or download directly from the computer. Once done, click the Add Text button, which is essentially a T.

From there, double-click on your image to select where to place the text. In addition, you can drag the text, change the font, style, color, etc.

2]Download and add an image

Click the Add Image button on the toolbar. The option is there to download a custom image or add one already available in the library for free. After adding your image, use the mouse to grab and move the image to any location on the GIF.

3]Change when objects appear

When you’ve finished adding images or text, drag and drop the layer onto the timeline to determine when it should be visible.

4]GIF overview

After you finish the process, it’s time to see if everything is up to par. To do this, click the play button or just press Space on your keyboard. The overview should provide all of the information necessary to determine if additional work is required.

5]Complete the project

The last step is then to click on Generate to create the new GIF with text or animated images.

Visit the official website of GIFnText. There are no forced watermarks.

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