Ashampoo Slideshow Studio – Make a slideshow with music and pictures for free

Ashampoo Slideshow Studio – Make a slideshow with music and pictures for free

A good slideshow can have a big impact on your audience, while a bad slideshow can ruin everything. If you're creating a slide show, make sure it's organized, has good slides, and has very good transitions. Ashampoo Slideshow 2019 can help you do it. It will help you to make a slideshow with music and pictures for free.

Ashampoo Slideshow Free for Windows PC

This free software will help you create interesting and attractive slideshows in just a few clicks. Whether it's your vacation photos, your work presentation or any school project, Ashampoo Slideshow can do it all. It's a simple software with a very intuitive interface and even a beginner can use it easily. Let's learn how to use this software to make beautiful presentations.

1) Create a dynamic slideshow

Download and launch the program and start creating the slideshow. The interface is very intuitive and the main preview contains everything. Start by selecting a new project, click on File and select New. Open a new simple project if you want to use preloaded themes or click New Project. Add the images you want in the slideshow and continue.

2) Add images

Browse your PC and start adding the images. You can select multiple images by pressing the CTRL key on your PC. There is also a preview option in the right pane where you can see which image you are adding. Now when you're done with adding images, you can create a slideshow immediately by clicking Produce a slideshow.

You also have the option of adding text or shapes to your images.

3) Add animations to your slideshow

The animations make your slide show interesting, but do not overdo it. Choose the animations according to the theme of your slideshow. Not all animations are suitable for every slideshow. To add an animation, click on the space between the images in the timeline and select the animations that best suit your slide show.

4) Add music effects to your slideshow

Music certainly adds an element to your slideshow. Ashampoo Slideshow 2019 contains some of the preloaded music effects that you can add to your slideshow. It has effects such as bird chirping, train sound, various bells, cartoon whistles, various alarms and more. Go to the right pane and click on Music effects and there you can see the whole collection.

5) Add music to the slideshow

In addition to the music effects, you can also add the music files to your slide show, but the program does not contain any of the preloaded music files. You have to browse your PC to add music. Click the Music icon in the right pane to open a new pop-up window, as shown in the image above. Click the + sign and add the music files from your PC.

Other settings include Auto Save, Auto Replace Missing Images, Set Slide Duration and Animation, Text Font, and so on.

All in all, Ashampoo Slideshow 2019 is a nice and free utility that can quickly and easily turn your images into beautiful slideshows with good transitions, musical effects, fades and opening / closing credits. Download the right here and tell us how it helped you.

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