Automatically take screenshots every second using Auto Screen Capture

Automatically take screenshots every second

Sometimes we need to take several screenshots and the usual "Prt Scr" method does not work. That's when we need third-party apps like Automatic screen capture. It's a very simple application that helps you take quick screenshots every second while you work or play. This free screen capture tool is especially useful for researchers, gamers, designers and testers. Let's learn more about it.

Automatically take screenshots every second

Auto Screen Capture is a free application that automatically takes multiple screenshots of your screen every few seconds, minutes or hours. This is a simple tool and comes with some nice features like-

  1. Scheduling screen captures
  2. Take screenshots of specific regions
  3. Take screenshots after every millisecond, second, minute, and hour.
  4. Skip screen captures to the editor automatically
  5. Keep screen captures as long as you want.

Using Auto Screen Capture for Windows

Let's look at these features a little more in detail.

1) Intuitive interface

It's a very simple application with not so attractive, but a user-friendly interface and a simple installation process. You might find it a little cluttered at first, but things become clear in minutes of use. The program is quite intuitive, and even a novice computer user can simply use it. It does not need installation; you just have to download and run an executable file called "autoscreen.exe". With a file size of approximately 300 KB, the application takes a few seconds to download to your player.

2) Plan your screenshots

With automatic screen capture, you can schedule your screen capture sessions. You can choose the day in the given calendar and also select the time at which you want the capture sessions to start and stop. In addition, you can customize the folder structure and file names with the help of a macro with timestamps. You can also set the number of screen captures that you want the application to do at one time, and for the number of days you want to keep those screenshots.

3) Screen and regions

Screen and The regions The tab allows you to define the capture areas. You can capture the entire window or select a particular area by setting the X and Y positions. In addition, you can select the width and height of the screen you want to capture.

4) Publishers

To edit your screen captures, you must first add an external editor to the program. Once added, you can transmit screenshots directly to the editor. To add an editor, simply click the Editor to Add new editor tab to browse your PC to add.

5) triggers

the triggers The tab displays all capture sessions or actions you have performed on the application. This even includes your action of starting and stopping the application or using an external editor.

6) interval

Here you can decide when to start taking screenshots and when to stop. You can set it to hours, minutes, seconds and even milliseconds.

Auto Screen Capture is compatible with Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 10 and screen capture images are saved in various formats, such as JPEG, BMP, EMF, GIF, TIFF, PNG and WMF . You can save your captures as a series of time-stamped files or a single file.

Overall, Auto Screen Capture is a nice free utility that helps you take multiple screenshots while working. Screen captures are then saved to a local folder on your computer. You can view them with an integrated slide show viewer or transmit them automatically to the editor. Download the application from Auto Screen Capture right here and let us know how it worked for you.

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