AwesomeWallpaper lets you display images & video on your desktop wallpaper

AwesomeWallpaper lets you display images & video on your desktop wallpaper

All Windows 10 users do not care about wallpapers, so they will use the default options provided by Microsoft. And to be honest, there is nothing wrong with that. However, if you are the kind of person who prefers to make things unique, then do we have something to offer you? We recently discovered an interesting search tool called AwesomeWallpaperand we really like it. You see, it's not the same as any other wallpaper programs that you may have used in the past, and that's the main reason why we caught our eye collective.

AwesomeWallpaper for Windows 10/8/7 allows you to view images and videos on your desktop wallpaper. You can view system information, startup time, computer name, processor, memory, processes, threads, as well as information about the operating system and the material, on your desk.

The tool comes with a range of options to enhance the look of your office and provide details about your system. In a sense, it's both decorative and informative, and it's clever enough for wallpaper software. It should be noted that it comes with a cool desktop video player.

Awesome screen background for Windows 10

Display images and videos as a screen background

The first thing you will notice after downloading AwesomeWallpaper is the fact that it is not necessary to install it on your system because it is portable. Just unzip the files, open the tool, and that's it. You can find it in your taskbar. Now let's see its characteristics.

1) General settings

To access the General tab, open the tool from the taskbar. This should be the first option. This section does not contain much apart from the ability to select your wallpaper type and monitor. The screen type allows the user to set the video, image, system information and others as the default screen background.

It's very simple to adjust, just click on the drop-down menu, then select the one of your choice from the list and that's it.

2) System information

When you access the System Information tab, users can change the alignment of the information displayed on the desktop, as well as the font size, color, transparency, and so on. Users can even adjust the refresh interval, which is a good thing.

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3) Image and gallery

The Image tab allows the user to use AwesomeWallpaper to control how unique wallpaper is displayed on your desktop. The same can be said for the gallery option as both give the option of adding one or more images.

Yes, the tool does not come with its own wallpapers. You must add those already saved on your computer, then use the tools available to adjust their display.

Under the Image tab, users can change the alignment, transparency, and so on. With regard to the Gallery tab, similar options exist, with the added possibility of regulating the auto-reading feature.

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4) Let's talk video

With this software, Windows 10 users do not need to rely on wallpapers to generate excitement for their desktop. If they wish, they can also watch a video in the background. People can add a single video file and, from there, change the autoplay options and have the video replayed as needed.

What's interesting here is the fact that videos can also be played back with audio. Although we probably would not go that far, but it's a nice feature to have for those who would like it.

You can download AwesomeWallpaper via the official site now.

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