How to Disable Optimized AirPods Battery Charging in iOS 14

How To Disable Optimized Airpods Battery Charging In Ios 14

AirPods Pro optimized battery charging on the login screen.

One iOS 14 feature that has been announced since the WWDC 2020 opening keynote but has not been released in the public version of iOS 14 is the battery charging option optimized for AirPods. The version is included in the iOS 14.2 changelog, which was posted on our website yesterday after the iOS 14.2 Golden Master version rolled out.

The optimized battery charge for AirPods will be enabled by default, after updating your iPhone to iOS 14. This new feature has its own switch on switch off switch to the iOS 14 Settings app.

How to turn off optimized AirPods battery charge

Make sure your AirPods or AirPods Pro are connected to your iPhone.
how to turn off optimized battery charge for airpods

  • 1. Open the Settings app on your running device iOS 14.2 (or later).
  • 2. Press on Bluetooth.
  • 3. in the My devices section, tap blue ‘I’ icon, located next to ‘Linked’ label, displayed on your AirPods.
  • 4. Use the toggle to disable optimized battery charge. The setting is just above the Sure section.
  • Made: Can’t find your AirPods in the list? In iOS 14, you can rename Bluetooth devices. Your AirPods may no longer be labeled as AirPods if they have changed their names in the past.

Optimized battery charging on the AirPods connection screen

In iOS 14.2, the AirPods iPhone login screen has been redesigned. When activated, the Optimized battery charging is displayed, below the remaining battery percentage.
There is also a ‘Turn off until tomorrow’ option available at the bottom of the AirPods panel. Press it and you will temporarily disable the function.

Why not optimized battery charge for AirPods?

This new feature allows your iPhone and AirPods to understand your daily charging routine and the AirPods will complete the charge cycle from 80% to 100% right before you need them. The aim is to reduce the load on the battery and reduce the aging of the battery.
However, what if you don’t have a predictable charging routine? Can you end up getting your AirPods back only with 80% battery power? Yes, it is very likely. Unlike iPhone or Apple Watch, many users charge their AirPods randomly. That’s why the optimized charging feature can do more harm than good. What is your opinion on this subject?

Apple promotes the optimized battery charge feature on most of its devices, including the iPhone, Apple Watch, and Mac. Do you plan to use this feature for your AirPods? Let us know using the comments section available below.

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